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The right mix of rigor and relevance

TMMBA classes are cultivated and taught by world-class faculty. The UW Foster School of Business is ranked #4 in world for research and productivity. Our faculty do a remarkable job at bringing their rigorous evidence-based research down from the 40,000-foot level and present it in a relevant and real-world context. Designed so students can learn concepts one day and apply them the next. Lively discussions, stimulating readings and case study analyses focus on real-life business challenges, products, and innovations. The overall course content is grounded in executive management, strategy and leadership principles, theories, and frameworks.

To complement your executive management education, we offer a variety of workshops to complement the academic experience. Topics in public speaking, presentations, teamwork and personal branding position students to take the next step in their careers.

Varied approach to teaching and learning

Recognizing students synthesize concepts and frameworks differently, faculty utilize a variety of methods to energize and deepen student learning, including:

  • Dynamic class discussions
  • Individual and group projects, presentations, and case analyses
  • Real-world case studies connecting theory and application
  • Faculty-endorsed business articles, books, and other reading materials
  • Informative video content as foundational material


Blended format schedule

Our unique, blended format combines 90% traditional in-person courses with 10% hybrid courses to support better school-life-work balance while students pursue their Foster MBA.
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Mentor Program

Establish deep connections with colleagues, faculty, alumni and the area’s unique, dynamic and innovative business community.
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Award-winning faculty

World-class instructors develop students with evidence-based research and practical application of business principals.

Opportunities beyond the classroom

Students have access to invaluable resources that enrich their program experience and provide incredible connections for their career growth.

Team-based Learning

Our curriculum takes a team-driven approach to learning that will reshape your ability to optimize working in teams.


The TMMBA Program consists of 24 courses (68 credit hours) and is considered a full-time enrollment program by the University of Washington. Students take all courses in the sequence they are offered. The courses are a mix of 90% traditional in-person courses and 10% hybrid courses. The sequence is designed to build a strong analytical foundation that supports leadership, strategy, and entrepreneurial frameworks as you progress through the program. Find more info about the schedule here.

Year 1

Fall Program Immersion – 7 full days
Building Effective Teams
Ethical Leadership
Leadership Development
Strategic Analysis of Data – Hybrid course
Financial Reporting and Analysis
Competitive Strategy
Corporate Financial Strategy – Hybrid course
Domestic and Intl. Economic Conditions
Decision Modeling – Hybrid course
Strategic Marketing Management

Year 2

Enhancing Leadership
Operations & Supply Chain
Leading Organizational Change
Global Strategy – Hybrid course
Entrepreneurial Finance
Strategy of Technology Innovation
International Study Tour (Optional)
Managerial Accounting
Customer Experience Strategy
Entrepreneurship Practicum
Elective: Product Management or Tools for Big Data – Hybrid

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Global Study Tours

The international study tour prepares you to think globally. TMMBA has traveled around the world from the Great Wall in China to Machu Picchu in Peru. We’ve met companies ranging from General Electric in Singapore and BMW in Munich to an e-home automation startup in Dubai. Participation in a study tour is optional.

Think like an entrepreneur

Beyond the classroom, TMMBA students can take advantage of a variety of entrepreneurial opportunities, speaker events, and business competitions, including the Health Innovation Challenge, Environmental Innovation Challenge, and Dempsey Startup Competition through the Foster School’s Arthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship. These competitions are platforms for student-led ventures. They provide student teams with mentoring from entrepreneurs and investors, the opportunity to tell their stories to the Seattle startup community, and the visibility they need to get going. In addition, as part of the required TMMBA coursework, students will create a business plan and investor pitch and take part in an annual Investor Expo.