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Full-time MBA Communication

The Foster MBA Program has a few main methods of communicating with students which are listed here.

MBA Newsletter

Every Monday during the academic year, the Program Office will send out a program-wide newsletter. If you are not subscribed or wish to receive copies of previous newsletter please reach out to [email protected].

MBAA Event Calendar

View events from the MBA Program Office, MBA Career Management, and the MBA Association on the MBAA Calendar.


To help students manage their email and target messages to the appropriate audience, the MBA Program Office offers several listservs and email accounts for various subsets of the MBA population.
As you start sending messages to these listservs, please consider the following:

  • Which listserv is appropriate for your message? Some lists are for official communications and others are for more casual announcements.
  • Does the subject line accurately reflect the message’s content? Recipients are more likely to read your message if it has a relevant subject line.
  • Will your message be offensive to any of your classmates? If you use the email lists inappropriately, you may be removed from the list(s) or moderated.
  • Do you want to send a response to the whole list or just to the writer of the original message? Make sure your ReplyTo line reads accordingly.


Listserv Description
[email protected] Official program communications to second-year Full-time MBAs
[email protected] Official program communications to first-year Full-time MBAs
[email protected] Official program communications to all Full-time MBAs
[email protected] Informal Announcements *

*Students may send requests to subscribe or to be removed from mbabull by emailing [email protected].
The University of Washington has a set of guidelines for using UW email accounts. Please keep these in mind at all times when you are sending messages.