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About Foster

Learn what sets Foster apart

The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington serves 2,500+ students through undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as executive education.

Foster alumni make a difference

A survey of Foster School alumni generated more than 8,000 responses. Results? Nearly 3,000 alumni-founded companies, 300,000 new jobs, and $82 billion in annual revenue nationally. Since most Foster graduates reside in Washington, the biggest economic impact is in the Pacific Northwest. Foster alumni are leaders whose success spurs the economic vitality of Seattle and contributes to the global economy.

Students seek Foster because of its reputation for making a difference—having an impact on the greater good. This ethos becomes apparent in the generosity, support and meaningful collaboration that happens among students. It is further evidenced in the mentoring, teaching and philanthropy of an alumni community driven by a desire to lift others up.

University of Washington life

The Foster School of Business resides on the main University of Washington campus at the Eastside Executive Center in Kirkland. UW’s Seattle campus is nestled in a sizable greenbelt alive with Husky sports, museums and theaters; close to cafés and pubs; and offering a variety of water activities from canoeing and kayaking to boating or walking along the lakes. See virtual tours of UW campus.

Iconic Companies, Epic Adventures

Seattle and the Eastside are home to iconic companies like Microsoft, Amazon.com, Boeing and Starbucks. Foster School of Business students have the advantage of accessing area leaders and residing in a fast-growing, cosmopolitan city. At the same time, proximity to mountains, forests and water make it easy to hike, ski and paddle around a region famous for waterways and wilderness. Explore Seattle and Washington state.

The Foster School is accredited by AACSB International.