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Faculty & Research

Faculty & Research

Foster faculty are a diverse and highly esteemed panel of dedicated educators and researchers

Comprised of leading experts in the field and award-winning teaching professionals, Foster faculty bring expertise to the classroom and engage with their students in groundbreaking research in many areas of today’s business landscape.

Research and Publications

According to the current Financial Times research index, Foster’s faculty ranks #10 in the world (averaged over the past five years) for its combined publication rate in the top 50 scholarly journals representing every business discipline. Of the 83 faculty members at Foster, 37 (45%) are involved in the review process at a leading academic journal, providing strong evidence of research impact.

Strategic Learning

Strategy courses provide real-world value to MBA students—especially those who tend to be confident.

Lack of Power Corrupts, Too

Those who lack power and status in an organization tend to promote themselves through strategic deceit

Faculty Research

Dynamic Silos

Remote work makes organizations more siloed, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing Read more