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Students in the undergraduate program in the Foster School of Business work towards a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA). The structure of the program balances business classes with those from outside disciplines, resulting in an overall educational experience of depth and quality.

This section explains what an undergraduate can expect of our program. Be sure to explore the many ways students can specialize and even customize their degrees. Spend some time checking it all out and start planning your degree now!

Below is information about the credit requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BABA) degree from the Foster School. You should meet with an academic adviser in the Undergraduate Program Office to clarify your educational and career goals and make long-range plans to achieve them once you have been accepted to the Foster School.

Required Courses

All business students need to complete 72 business credits, of which 53 (minimum) must be upper division:

Lower Division Core Course Credits
ACCTG 215 (Financial Accounting) 5
ACCTG 225 (Managerial Accounting) 5
MGMT 200 (Introduction to Law) 5
QMETH 201 (Statistical Methods) 4


In addition to the Lower Division Business Courses, you must complete four non-business prerequisite courses:

Course Credits
MATH 112, MATH 124, MATH 125, MATH 126, MATH 134 or Q SCI 291 (Calculus) 5
ECON 200 (Microeconomics) 5
ECON 201 (Macroeconomics) 5
English Composition 5
Course Credits
IS 300 (Introduction to Information Systems) 5
OPMGT 301 (Principles Of Operations Management) 4
MKTG 301 (Marketing Concepts) 4
FIN 350 (Business Finance) 4
MGMT 300 (Leadership & Organizational Behavior) 4
IBUS 300 (Global Business Perspectives) 4
MGMT 320 (Business, Government & Society) 4
B ECON 300 (Managerial Economics) 4
MGMT 430 (Strategic Management Capstone) 4

All nine Upper Division Business Core Courses are required, of which six, including MGMT 430, must be completed at UW-Seattle.

Elective credits can come from Business Majors or Special Program requirements

All business students need to complete:

  • 59 credits (minimum) of General Education Requirements (Areas of Knowledge).
  • 13 credits (minimum) of college-level composition and approved writing courses.  Some may count toward the non-business requirement. Four of the twelve credits typically are BCMU 301 (Business Communications)
  • 180 credits (minimum) to graduate with a BABA degree.

Residency Requirements

All business students need to complete:

  • 9 Upper Division Business Core courses, of which 6 (including MGMT 430) must be completed at the UW-Seattle.
  • 53 upper division business credits, of which 40 must be completed at the UW-Seattle.

Accounting students must complete:

  • 8 Upper Division Accounting Core courses, of which 6 must be completed at the UW-Seattle.

All UW students must complete:

  • 45 of the final 60 credits in matriculated status in-residence at the UW-Seattle. Exceptions may be available for UW affiliated study abroad programs.
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