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Department of Finance and Business Economics

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Economies are changing rapidly. It is important to grasp how businesses can adapt and grow using sound financial strategies and by anticipating economic events.

Finance Focus

Finance studies the management of funds and how the flow of capital affects the management of firms and the decisions of investors. By focusing on the economy’s capital markets, the problems of allocating capital within the firm, the environment of the financial manager, and the supply of capital, the finance curriculum prepares students for careers as financial managers, bankers, and administrators.

Business Economics Focus

Using economic theory as a tool to help organizations achieve goals is the primary concern of business economics. Specifically, business economists deal with firm behavior in response to the market and determine how it will affect operations, today and tomorrow. Business economists are concerned with pricing policy, monetary policy, predicting economic impacts, measuring demand, and applying economic models to management decisions. Courses in business economics emphasize capital markets and macroeconomic policies, international business economics, forecasting, and business decision-making.

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