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Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking

When the CLST was founded in 2009 we set as our mission to balance rigor and relevance in all of our work. Our vision is to be the country’s preeminent academic source for education and research in the fields of leadership and strategic thinking. We aim to be a trusted partner to corporations and institutions seeking evidence-based leadership development interventions. Our mission is to advance the science and practice that connects leadership and strategic thinking for high-performance impact.

Virtual Town Hall

Town Hall on Consequential Leadership in Consequential Times
CLST will be hosting a three-part virtual town hall series in September 2020, bringing together senior leaders from twenty-five different organizations around the Northwest region, representing public safety, manufacturing, healthcare, technology, engineering, hospitality, consulting, real estate, restaurants, education, etc. Two senior leaders from each organization will participate in 3 90-minute sessions, taking place over a two to three-month period this summer into the fall.

Each session of the series will aim to create an opportunity for leaders from participating organizations to connect, reflect, and learn from one another as they discuss what they’ve learned addressing the present and ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the still-emerging Black Lives Matter movement. The topics discussed will range from how to maintain, if not grow, an organization in these disruptive periods of time, how to deal with public safety issues, and how to successfully respond to shifts in customer needs/expectations, while also having conversations with the workforce and community about some of the most difficult topics this nation has faced.

The town hall series has been created in response to a felt need by our community. In talking with individual executives in the region, many have commented that they have learned a lot from addressing these consequential challenges in their own organizations, but oftentimes don’t get sufficient time to either reflect on lessons learned or to hear from others. Each has expressed confidence that by sharing those lessons with each other, they will all benefit as a community.

In sum, the primary goal is to bring together this diverse set of organizations and leaders from a variety of sectors, to collaborate and learn from each other’s leadership and organizational experiences.

If you are interested in finding out more about this event, please contact the Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking at [email protected].

Fostering Leadership

This is a series of short leadership videos that was co-produced by the CLST and UW TV.

This series was seen by over a million people when it first aired and received an award for one of the best public TV series.

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