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Leadership Academies

Launched as a pilot program in 2015, in collaboration with The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington and the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking (CLST), the US Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) provides leadership development academies for supervisors, managers, and executives in veteran services. Taught by instructors with an extensive amount of experience working with leaders across a broad spectrum of organizations, the academies have now expanded.

Specifically, these programs are also open to other facilities around the country (including healthcare), as well as other government organizations working with our nation’s veterans. Additional questions about these programs should be directed to us at : [email protected]

Detailed program information

Currently, the program can be offered as three academies (Leadership, Advanced Leadership, and Executive Leadership) developed with specific audiences and learning objectives in mind. Instructors for all three academies are selected by the Center for Leadership & Strategic Thinking based on their expertise to work in each of these respective programs.

This program is for supervisors through executives and includes four one-day classes described below. This will be the first step in the Academy progression and is a pre-requisite for the next level of leadership development – the Advanced Leadership Academy). The Leadership Academy is held at a number of convenient locations around the United States and can also be held at your own facilities. Participants attend all four days of training, complete web-based development assessments, and receive one-on-one coaching in order to receive a leadership certificate of completion from the University of Washington’s CLST. As in all of our work at CLST, each class is based on our research findings and best practices in healthcare, as well as many other types of organizations. See the programing schematics below:

This program includes:

  • An online 360 leadership survey that must be completed before attending this program. This survey and the leadership model used in this program is based on extreme research and have been used in public and private organizations around the globe to help facilitate and invite your supervisor, peers, and direct reports to provide input. Only you and your coach will receive the results from this survey.
  • One hour of professional leadership coaching is provided to interpret your report and identify a meaningful leadership development goal.
  • Spend a day onsite working with faculty from the University of Washington, Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking, with up to 35 leaders from your family.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify behaviors in yourself and understand that are Authentic, Transformational, or Transactional and understand their impact on relationships, motivation, and performance.
  • Develop greater self-awareness by exploring your core values, narrative, and authentic foundation.
  • Understand Leader Development Readiness and ways to increase this state in yourself and others to optimize development opportunities and resources.
  • Identify the four levels of the CLST’s Leadership Development Blueprint and map one current opportunity or challenge to this journey.
This program includes:

  • An online leadership communications assessment that you must complete before attending this program.
  • One hour of coaching to interpret your report and identify your learning objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand what makes some challenges, engagements, and conversations more difficult and why we might avoid or handle these conversations less effectively.
  • Identify and understand causes of conflict and how to monitor and manage your reactions during conflict.
  • Learn how to coach others through different conversations and situations.
  • Articulate the risks and appropriate uses of communication to effectively navigate difficult situations on up through transformative challenges.
  • Move to commitment and action with another party as a result of more effective use of leadership and coaching/communication knowledge and skills.
Details to Follow
Details to Follow

About the Foster School and the Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking (CLST)

The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington consistently ranks among the top business schools in the United States—for both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Accredited by AACSB International for outstanding faculty, staff, and students, we also offer programs and certificates for VA executive leaders and supervisors interested in continuing education based on models and methods validated by our Center.

The Center for Leadership and Strategic Thinking (CLST) was founded in 2009. Our vision is to be the country’s preeminent academic source for education and research in the fields of leadership and strategic thinking. We aspire to transform the intangible states of leadership into tangible successes. Ultimately, we aim to steward individuals, groups, and organizations toward a heightened potential through advancing leadership science and practice.