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Building A CLST Coaching Collaborative: C3

Integrating the Science & Practice of Coaching

About Us:

We represent a team of leadership researchers, coaches, educators, students, and consultants who have chosen to work together to foster the integration of both rigor and relevance with respect to advancing the science and practice of leadership coaching. The organizing principle for our collaborative is to strive to be an authentic representation of what we expect from those with whom we work and develop. This means being intentional about our ongoing development in terms of building a generative, collaborative and professional coaching practice. We seek to continuously build our self-development leadership and professional coaching practice, which includes having a discipline for self-reflection, engaging in deliberate practice, setting hard and specific goals for improvement, and continuously learning from others across the spectrum of our coaching collaborative. We work with individuals at all levels of leadership roles, as well as with individuals who identify as coaches, to foster the integration of high impact professional coaching into workplace and educational institutions, using research-based frameworks, techniques, and tools to support and accelerate leadership development. We seek not to replace current coaching certification programs, but to bring the entire coaching practice to what would qualify as a profession, driven towards high performance impact.

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To integrate the science and practice of professional leadership coaching by providing training and ongoing development support for coaches and leaders, while utilizing our learning collaborative to fully engage in applied scientific coaching research.


Integrating rigorous and validated training with ongoing high-quality research, our ultimate target is to support the development of leaders and their professional coaches, by first expanding their knowledge, and then deepening their understanding of how to effectively transform themselves and others to optimize both their development and performance.

How to Become Involved:

To learn more about coaching at the CLST and how to become involved, email [email protected].