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Independent Study

There may be occasions on which Foster curricular offerings do not align fully with a given student’s academic, professional, and personal development goals. In those situations, students may be interested in pursuing independent work for academic credit with the permission and guidance of a Foster faculty member and the MBA Program Office.

Types of Independent Study Projects:

Application-Based Independent Study
Student addresses a complex, real-world, unstructured challenge or opportunity faced by an organization outside the University of Washington. He or she identifies a specific problem, chooses a goal or goals to serve as the performance standard for alternatives addressing the problem, evaluates all viable alternatives, and outlines a recommended course of action complete with implementation plan, timeline, resource requirements, anticipated outcomes, and risks and contingent actions.

Academic-Based Independent Study
At times a student may be interested in pursuing a traditional academic course that is not offered at the University of Washington. In such a situation the student may secure a syllabus from an existing course at another university, complete the work outlined on the syllabus, and author a paper which critically evaluates the content domain of the course.

Research-Based Independent Study
Student conducts independent research related to a topic of academic and/or professional interest and creates a Harvard-style teaching case to illustrate the concepts in question.

Current students, please visit the Independent Study page on your class Canvas site to review the detailed guidelines and processes for Independent Study.

Questions regarding the Independent Study process can be directed to [email protected] or your academic advisor.