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Evening MBA Registration Calendar

Please be sure you understand the information on Core and Elective course registration found in the Evening MBA Academics section of the Current Students webpage.

Students must be aware of the timeline associated with the pre-registration bidding process for Elective courses, as well as the registration deadlines for courses awarded in the bidding process.

Note: Registration dates are tentative and subject to change. Updated information will be announced in the MBA Newsletter. Students should also be aware of and abide by deadlines on the UW Academic Calendar.

Pre-Registration Bidding Timeline & Evening MBA Registration Deadlines
Academic Quarter Autumn 2024 Winter 2025 Spring 2025
Tentative elective course offerings and schedule available Week of 4/8/24 Week of 9/23/24 Week of 1/6/25
Final elective course offerings and registration information available (on website and in MBA newsletter) Week of 4/15/24 Week of 10/14/24 Week of 1/20/25
Online pre-registration bidding opens, 8:00am 4/24/24 10/23/24 *R1: 1/29/25
*R2: 2/5/25
Online pre-registration bidding closes, 8:00am 4/29/24 10/28/24 *R1: 2/3/25
*R2: 2/10/25
Pre-registration bidding results available to students, 8:00am 5/3/24 11/1/24 2/14/25
Additional elective courses open to MBA students who pre-registered, 8:00am 5/6/24 11/4/24 2/18/25
MBA students who were not eligible to pre-register may request space in elective courses, 8:00am 5/13/24 11/12/24 2/24/25
Students will be emailed their quarterly schedules 5/29/24 11/26/24 3/4/25
Deadline for students to notify MBA Program Office of any schedule adjustments needed prior to registration 6/2/24 12/1/24 3/9/25
Students will be enrolled in courses Week of 6/3/24 Week of 12/2/24 Week of 3/10/25
Students may confirm their schedules on MyUW 6/10/24 12/9/24 3/17/25
Foster tuition and fees posted to student accounts Week of 8/12/24 Week of 12/16/24 Week of 3/24/25
Last day MBA Program Office accepts elective course requests and provides add codes (to add courses after this date, students should request from instructor or attend first class session) 9/13/24 12/27/24 3/21/25
Highlights of UW Registration and Tuition Deadlines
First day of the quarter 9/25/24 1/6/25 3/31/25
Last day to add/drop with MBA Program Office to avoid $20 fee and potential tuition forfeiture 10/1/24 1/12/25 4/6/25
Unrestricted drop period with $20 fee and potential tuition forfeiture 10/2-10/8 1/13-1/19 4/7-4/13
Late drop period with use of current quarter drop, $20 fee and potential tuition forfeiture 10/9-12/6 1/20-3/14 4/14-6/6
Tuition payment deadline 10/11/24 1/24/25 4/18/25
Last day to add a class for the quarter 10/15/24 1/26/25 4/20/25
Last day to withdraw from all classes 12/6/24 3/14/25 6/6/25

* R1 = Round 1, R2 = Round 2