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CISB Student Leadership Opportunities

Students in the Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB) Program gain valuable leadership experience through service to the CISB program, the Foster School, and the community. They organize major events, serve on boards, run meetings, organize outreach, and bring international business speakers to campus.

The benefits? Putting business knowledge to work in managing others, monitoring budgets, running meetings, and problem-solving, all with the active support and involvement of faculty and staff. It’s learning by doing, and a host of CISB graduates will attest to its value.

CISB Executive Board

Collaborates with faculty and staff in setting policies and in planning events and activities to benefit the CISB program.

2021-2022 Executive Board

President – Spriha Kejriwal
VP Finances – Qiana Barrett
VP Membership – May Qiang
VP Marketing – Kanoa Jandoc
VP Activities – Huanzi Merenz
VP Alumni – Sophie Muza

CISB Track Board

Composed of track presidents, this board plans and organizes cross-track events, shares ideas and information, and coordinates plans with Executive Board.

2021-2022 Track Board

EMEA Track President – James Johnson
Chinese Track President – Sabrina Mu
Japanese/Korean Track Presidents – Catherine Davis, Jenny Jeong, Tina Nguyen
Spanish Track Presidents – Zoe Tucker, Julisan Garcia
U.S. Track President – AoYang Guan

Event Chairs

Responsible for running extracurricular events such as cultural nights, graduation celebration, and career activities in collaboration with faculty and staff.

Application Details

Apply for Executive and Track Board positions in spring preceding year of service. Apply for Event Chair positions in fall. A committee of staff, faculty and students interviews all applicants and makes the final selection. All board members are required to take part in a CISB leadership training program designed to give them the tools they need to succeed in their positions.