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Master of Science in Entrepreneurship

Start Year Zero with the Master of Sciene in Entrepreneurship

Turn a good idea into a great idea

Are you passionate about an idea or something you’ve created, but need to up your skill set or entrepreneurial knowledge? Do you have experience in a company or startup but are now ready to pursue the startup of your dreams?

Founders tell us all the time that they wish they’d had a program focused on the startup process and stages of development. A program combining intensive entrepreneurship education with the time to work on accelerating their own idea. Well, here it is!

This 12-month Master of Science in Entrepreneurship attracts a diverse set of students who are exploring entrepreneurship in all its forms: consumer products, tech, clean tech, VR/AR, social impact, and more. This is a transformative experience blending academic frameworks, practical knowledge, and rich mentoring to help students build their long-term entrepreneurial capabilities while developing their business. As you consider the type of life you want to lead, and realize the “normal” path just isn’t for you, put that spark of an idea into action and make it happen!

Program and admissions information

Foster students on campus
Program overview

  • Start date: June 22, 2020
  • Program duration: 12 months (summer, autumn, winter, and spring quarters)
  • Credits: 46
  • Cohort Size: Up to 30
  • Program type: Full-time, weekdays and some evenings
  • Class type: Cohort-based, lock-step, in-person
  • Tuition: WA resident $26,400, non-resident $40,500 (based on 2019-2020 year)
Foster students paying attention during presentation on campus
Rolling admissions

Complete applications submitted by the dates listed below are reviewed and provided with an admission notification within eight weeks of the review date.
Learn more on our admissions page.

  • October 14 (Open to all applicants)
  • January 13 (Open to all applicants. International applicant deadline)
  • March 9 (Domestic application deadline)

The Master of Science in Entrepreneurship curriculum follows the startup experience:

Entrepreneurial to the core

This program is for you if one (or all) of the following traits are familiar:

  • You are ready to start your entrepreneurial journey
  • You have an idea for a product or company
  • You’ve started a company but haven’t yet found an initial set of customers or don’t yet have consistent and repeatable sales growth
  • You want to build a business around your prototype
Ready to go fast?

  • Find and evaluate opportunities
  • Find and build customers
  • Find a business model that works
  • Make connections
  • Lead and coordinate entrepreneurial teams
  • Build and grow a new venture
  • Develop fundamental business skills: accounting, marketing, and finance
  • Apply what you’re learning to your own startup
Seattle is the place to start something

Along the way, you’ll work with the Foster School’s best entrepreneurship faculty and startup lecturers and connect with the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship‘s resources and competitions. You’ll receive intensive mentoring by a core group of Seattle entrepreneurs venture capitalists, angel investors, and attorneys. Learn more about the mentors.

Prepare to launch

Experience classes and workshops with a peer group that is as focused as you are. Harness the power of community! Get exposure and feedback in UW competitions, and go behind-the-scenes while visiting local startups and VC firms. And the best part is you’ll have some time built into your schedule to work on your startup.

Class of 2020 profile

23class size
Previous Degrees:Business 35%;Engineering 22%;Communications 18%;Social Science 9%;Computer Science 4%;Economics 4%;Mathematics 4%;Philosophy 4%previous degrees
48%previous entrepreneurs
29average age
35%underrepresented minority students
13%have advanced degree prior to MS ENTRE

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