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For Employers

The Technology Management MBA (TMMBA) Program at the UW Foster School of Business enrolls and graduates students who are high-caliber working professionals. They bring forward-thinking impact, entrepreneurial fire, and professional presence to the classroom and to their careers.

Foster MBA students begin the 18-month TMMBA Program with diverse functional experience. Industries span biotech, aerospace, and software development, to media, consumer services, and consulting. A common thread is a passion for technology with a keen focus on effective leadership and career development.

We know that organizations have big unstructured problems to solve. Exceptional talent is required.

We want to understand your needs and partner with you. To learn more contact TMMBA Career Management at [email protected]. We offer a tailored approach to promote your recruiting needs to TMMBA students and alumni and to meet your organizational goals through full-time opportunities, MBA student projects, and more.

Select offerings include:  

Identify and recruit talent
Contact us to discuss your experienced-hire MBA opportunities.  We will promote your positions and help you identify ideal candidates.

Design an independent study project
Recruit a small team of student consultants to provide creative solutions to your organizational needs or challenges.

Request a visit
Schedule a presentation or informal roundtable discussion on your organization and socialize with students and alumni.

Connect with students
Attend the next MBA Career Mixer in the spring. Meet one-on-one with students to share insights on your organization including hiring plans. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Host students at your company
Ideal for connecting with TMMBA students and exposing them to your organization and work environment.  Typically includes a talk led by an executive and/or HR.