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Connect with an MSCM Ambassador

MSCM Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about the Master of Supply Chain Management degree program here at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Ambassadors regularly host prospective students for MSCM class visits, coffee dates, and other special events. Additionally, MSCM ambassadors are available to chat with prospective MSCM candidates via email. Email us to connect with a student ambassador.

Prospective student experience

…my student guide, was extremely insightful about the program, and the university life. Her perspective on how to get the best value out of the program were practical and perceptive. She also had useful pointers for how I should approach my application. It helped tremendously to spend time with someone with the clarity of thought, having gone through the complete process not too long ago.
Prospective MSCM Candidate

Class of 2019 MSCM Student Ambassadors

Arjita BajpaiHometown: New Delhi, India
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I came to Fosters with no experience in the subject, and I totally understand what goes in the minds of people planning their masters from non related fields.
Being lucky to have been assisted with one of the ambassador when I wanted to decide which course to apply to, I know its an awesome experience to meet them, connect with them and to make it more realistic, attend a class with the ambassadors.There’s no better chance to live a life of student for a day and know the intricacies of the subject and a positive vibe of a cohort.
I definitely couldn’t stop myself for helping someone to decide and being part of Masters in Supply chain management in future! My goal is to help out someone with my experience and learning with this course and decide on their bright future!

Allegra CampbellHometown: Kent, WA
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I chose to be an ambassador so that prospective students can find out what it’s like to be an MSCM student and work full-time. The MSCM program is challenging, eye-opening, and full of opportunities. Anyone who wants to learn more about supply chain will be exposed to theoretical and practical lessons from the faculty and their classmates.

Amrita ChaturvediHometown: Varanasi, India
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
To make connections and improve communications skills

Angel ChenHometown: Taiwan
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I love helping people and I would love to help any prospective students (specifically people that share similar background/interests as me) and offer my personal advice to them. Although the MSCM program is intensive, it is one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, and would absolutely make the same decision to come to UW again. Great curriculum, great faculty, and definitely great cohort!

Mazarine EbenghoHometown: Mbandaka, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I joined MSCM looking for an opportunity to challenge myself, step out of my comfort zone and gain practical experience in supply chain management. My experience in the fashion industry led me to understand how critical supply chain management is, and how understanding supply chain management can be a source of competitive edge. Through the MSCM Ambassador Program, my goal is to represent the apparel industry which I believe is underrepresented in the supply chain management community and encourage professionals in the fashion industry and other industries to learn about supply chain management.

Lucas GabrielHometown: Freehold, NJ
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
The MSCM program here at UW sets students up for success in a way I couldn’t have even imagined going into it. Filled with a diverse mix of both experienced supply chain professionals, as well
as newcomers to the field such as myself, a major emphasis is placed on teamwork and collaboration that has enriched my learning experience greatly.

Justin GilleboHometown: Seattle, WA
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
Joining a graduate program is one of the biggest decisions that you can make for your personal and professional development. My hope is to be a source of insight to potential students and to serve as a sounding board as you navigate your path. As a working professional with a family, I want to encourage students and working professionals that the UW Master of Supply Chain Management may be a good fit for them!

Kevin HendartoHometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
Coming into UW MSCM program was one of biggest decisions I made in my life. I was contemplating whether to go or not go to graduate school and which school and program was the right one for me. My goal of becoming an ambassador is to provide any useful information about the program for prospective students. I hope this information would help prospective students to come into the program.

Jang W. LeeHometown: Lynwood, WA
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
When I was getting to know about the MSCM, I had an opportunity to talk with one of MSCM ambassador, and got all the questions I had. I would like to offer same courtesy I have received.

Julia LeeHometown: Deajeon, South Korea
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I decided to join MSCM ambassador because as an applicant, I really wanted opinion from someone currently studying in the program. As an enrolled student, I want to help out candidates with my actual experiences of the course.

Aditi MehtaHometown: Rajasthan, India
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I love supply chain more and more each day and I would want the world to know about this hidden field on which every organization revolves. Through this program I get to contribute to it and talk to interesting people from different walks of life! Its a win win for me 🙂

Vivian TelgarskyHometown: Washington DC
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
I wanted to be an MSCM ambassador to help others who come from non-supply chain industries find inspiration to drive improvement in their industry through supply chain management.

Marty VarelaHometown: Evanston, Illinois
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
An MSCM Ambassador was pivotal in my decision to pursue the program this year. I’d like to fan the enthusiasm of Supply Chain professionals to further their education utilizing an excellently designed program that uses the cutting edge trends of our industry coupled with the tried and true tenets of academia to offer a masters in supply chain management program for the motivated masses.

Lisa YanHometown: Beijing,China
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
Since enrolling in the MSCM program, I have been enjoying the learning experiences. This program is well designed and operated. It not only includes supply chain courses, MSCM also includes essential business classes, such as leadership, negotiation, and managerial finance, which expand and deepen our vision. We are learning both from professors in the interactive lectures and from our classmates during team projects.

Yidi YuanHometown: Shandong province,China
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
Because my major was totally different from supply chain but I still get into this program, so I think my experience will give others who did not major in supply chain confidence and inspiration. I love our program because my classmates are awesome, they are from different culture backgrounds, and they are all experienced in their industry.

Elsa ZhangHometown: San Francisco, CA
Why did you want to be an MSCM ambassador?
As an MSCM ambassador, I hope to provide prospective students with an insider’s view of the MSCM student experience, something I wish I had during the application/enrollment process.