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Connect with an MSCM Ambassador

MSCM Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about the Master of Supply Chain Management degree program here at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Ambassadors regularly host prospective students for MSCM class visits, coffee dates, and other special events. Additionally, MSCM ambassadors are available to chat with prospective MSCM candidates via email. Email [email protected] to get connected with an ambassador!



Anjaana Bhairo
Johannesburg, South Africa

I am an adrenalin junky and enjoy spending my extra time seeking fun adventures like shark diving! One day I hope to tick off sky diving from my bucket list!

Joe Chen
Taipei, Taiwan

Have never seen snowing in person. (Only saw snow on the ground)

Man-Su (Norelle) Chiang
Taipei City, Taiwan

In addition to supply chain, sales & marketing professions, l’ m an accredited American floral art designer. I’ll be more than happy to answer all the questions regarding MSCM program and floral design.

Aparna Dixit
Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

I love Lego bricks and can build entire new stuff from it in less than three minutes. I play this exercise all the time with my son

Aron Ghosh
New Delhi, India

I am passionate about sketching and had my own webcomic inspired by day to day experiences with friends, schools and corporate life. My upbringing had a flavor of 3 cultures. I have lived in 9 cities and still counting.

Tanushree (Tanu) Lahiry
Mumbai, India

I can speak five languages (English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali)

Lin Li
Su Zhou, China

My passion for travel runs deep and I have been to 4 continents so far.

Abhishek Sharma
New Delhi, India

I homebrew! I like to brew my own beer and make my wine in spare time.

Anuja Thakur
Ranchi, India

My new found passion is house remodeling and I’ve been working on remodeling my home back in India this past “pandemic” year.

Dan Wu
Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China

I have lived in five different cities: my hometown: Jiangsu, China; undergraduate study city: Tianjin, China; exchange study city: Kobe, Japan; work city: Shanghai, China; and now postgraduate study city: Seattle, America. Each city has brought me a unique cultural experience, broadening my horizon and making me more tolerant.