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Connect with an MSCM Ambassador

MSCM Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about the Master of Supply Chain Management degree program here at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Ambassadors regularly host prospective students for MSCM class visits, coffee dates, and other special events. Additionally, MSCM ambassadors are available to chat with prospective MSCM candidates via email. Email [email protected] to get connected with an ambassador!



Anjaana Bhairo
Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa

Prospective student advice: If you are an international student who completed their undergraduate studies in America and would like to study and work while pursuing your masters, there is always an option to work under a CPT. If you are interested in pursuing that option you can start working with some of the department leads to help make this opportunity viable for you. If you do join the program ensure that you network with your peers for potential jobs. Many of your peers will be working and studying and they could prove to be a useful resource during the job search.

Fun fact: I am an adrenalin junky and enjoy spending my extra time seeking fun adventures like shark diving! One day I hope to tick off sky diving from my bucket list!

Joe Chen
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Prospective student advice: Know your goal and think carefully about what kind of assistance you need. Is a graduate program really what you need? If so, stick to it. The process of application can be discouraging and perplexing, and steadfast determination can carry you through this.

Fun fact: Have never seen snowing in person. (Only saw snow on the ground)

Man-Su (Norelle) Chiang
Hometown: Taipei, Taiwan

Prospective student advice: My favorite quote in The Alchemist, “When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” Just raise your hand, we’re all here to assist you in achieving greater dreams.

Fun fact: I hosted the 1st MSCM Asian cooking competition, seriously, with ranking and prize.

Aparna Dixit
Hometown: Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Prospective student advice: Be a great storyteller in your presentations and communication skills. Be open and adaptive to a new culture, if you are from a different part of the world. Leverage university resources to the fullest by finding mentors, seeking advice from TAs, or seeking academic help from professors when in doubt, reaching out to alums and career resources and program office, UW has one of the friendliest staff one can find for assistance. Make connections to grow professionally and make friends to avoid loneliness and homesickness. Always build the attitude of “Seek, Speak and Listen”

Fun fact: I love Lego bricks and can build entire new stuff from it in less than three minutes. I play this exercise all the time with my son.

Aron Ghosh
Hometown: New Delhi, India

Prospective student advice: Kudos for taking the first step towards your master’s education. This career track will help you rediscover yourself starting from the application process. Having a growth mindset, networking abilities, and inquisitiveness will be elemental in shaping your odyssey and career in the supply chain industry. Maximize your potential for admission by leveraging the program resources such as the MSCM website, classroom visits, online info sessions and program ambassadors. Feel free to reach out for any guidance.

Fun fact: I am passionate about sketching and had my own webcomic inspired by day to day experiences with friends, schools and corporate life. My upbringing had a flavor of 3 cultures. I have lived in 9 cities and still counting.

Tanushree (Tanu) Lahiry
Hometown: Mumbai, India

Prospective student advice: Be open to opportunities, stay organized and connect with as many people as possible.

Fun fact: I work supply chain strategy for Propulsion products at Boeing.

Lin Li
Hometown: Su Zhou, China

Prospective student advice: The most important tip is to utilize all of your resources when needed and put forth your best effort in all you do. As an ambassador, I will give you and your family a glimpse into the reality of the program that I love so much and that has opened so many doors of opportunities, introduced me to so many amazing people, and provided me with a top-notch master education. Believe in yourself and your dream!

Fun fact: My passion for travel runs deep and I have been to 4 continents so far.

Abhishek Sharma
Hometown: New Delhi, India

Prospective student advice: Location Matters: Seattle! Can’t say enough about it. Let your world get bigger and be open to changing opportunities as you expand and explore new talents and passions. Diversify: Develop relationships with peers and friends from other industries. Start Early: Don’t leave things for the last minute in the application process.

Fun fact: I homebrew! I like to brew my own beer and make my wine in spare time.

Anuja Thakur
Hometown: Ranchi, India

Prospective student advice: Supply chain management is the need of the hour now more than ever, there is just so much scope and opportunities out there in this area and Foster will fulfil the appetite of knowledge and avenues. This is an accelerated course with the optimum balance of concepts – practical concepts – which you would be applying directly in your future role. I come from an educational system where grades were everything which is not true here at Foster – you will see your wholesome development here! There is plethora of opportunities and support here at every step, just leverage them and then you can reach for the stars!

Fun fact: My new found passion is house remodeling and I’ve been working on remodeling my home back in India this past “pandemic” year.

Dan Wu
Hometown: Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province, China

Prospective student advice: Please remember to check the curriculum from the MSCM program website. It covers many excellent courses are both quantitative and qualitative. We provide many information sessions about the application. If you are interested in our MSCM program, please remember to sign up on the home page. Finally, be humble and confident. When encountering difficulties, please do not give up easily and learn to use all kinds of resources to help yourself.

Fun fact: I have lived in five different cities: my hometown: Jiangsu, China; undergraduate study city: Tianjin, China; exchange study city: Kobe, Japan; work city: Shanghai, China; and now postgraduate study city: Seattle, America. Each city has brought me a unique cultural experience, broadening my horizon and making me more tolerant.