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Connect with an MSCM Ambassador

MSCM Ambassadors are here to answer your questions about the Master of Supply Chain Management degree program here at the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Ambassadors regularly host prospective students for MSCM class visits, coffee dates, and other special events. Additionally, MSCM ambassadors are available to chat with prospective MSCM candidates via email.
Email us to connect with a student ambassador.

Shannon Awes

Shannon AwesHometown: Minneapolis, MN
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
As a young professional working in supply chain, I noticed how quickly companies were starting to connect customer experience with the results of supply chain reliability. I decided to seek out a supply chain graduate program to learn from faculty and classmates that are exploring the future of supply chain functions and give me the experiences I need to have a long career in the field. I am eager to share the benefits of this program with prospective students, especially those that will be new to the Seattle area!

Harsh Kumar

Harsh KumarHometown: Meerut, India
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
To meet new people and help them to make an informed decision. Really excited to share my experience in the program and let people know how they can be benefited from this program.

King Lau

King LauHometown: I was born in Hong Kong when it was still a British Colony, but moved to Seattle before the age of 1. I consider both to be my hometown in a way.
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
I joined the ambassador program to be a positive force in spreading the word about our program. This is for both to help potential students decide on if MSCM will be a good fit for them, as well as affect outside perception of MSCM students’ past, present and future.

Christopher Lu

Hometown: Portland, OR
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
I joined the ambassador program because it is important for me to help those that you appreciate. This program is a one of a kind experience and I feel very fortunate to be a candidate for the MSCM 2020 program. Therefore, I’d like to take the time to share my experiences and help those that are considering this opportunity.

Michael Mathew

Hometown: Cochin, India
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
When I had to decide which Master of Supply Chain Management program to pursue, Foster’s MSCM program ambassador I connected to was very helpful in understanding my concerns and helping me weigh different options. I would be happy to help prospective students understand more about the MSCM program and its benefits.

Komal Narayan

Hometown: New Delhi, India
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
A few months ago, I was a prospective MSCM student. I was fortunate to be connected to multiple student ambassadors who gave me different perspectives and first-hand information to answer all my questions. As an international student, I want to share my experience and help others to navigate through the admission process. Being a student ambassador, I want to give future MSCM students a glimpse of the collaborative and diverse culture that Foster offers.

Komal Vaish

Hometown: Bangalore, India
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
MSCM is a very strong course for fast learning professionals looking to develop a broader as well as deeper understanding of Supply Chain Management in a condensed 12-month timeline. Considering the short time that students get, peer to peer learning becomes as important as the academic rigor. To ensure that future cohorts are poised for success and the Foster’s MSCM brand becomes even stronger, we must aim to attract good talent to the school.

As a MSCM ambassador, I see my foremost duty is to spread the word about the benefits of joining this program. I got a lot of guidance from the senior cohort during the time of my application and I would love to give back to the school by helping future classes as well. This experience will also prove invaluable to me as it will help me form personal connections with the incoming classes.

Kelly Walker

Hometown: Reno, NV
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
It’s always been important to me to be an active representative of the organizations and experiences that have made me better. The Ambassador Program was an obvious way to maintain that commitment. My technical capabilities have grown with every new course in the MSCM program.

Zhihua Wang

Hometown: Lanzhou, China
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
I exchanged to UW in 2017 when I was an undergrad student of Sichuan University. This experience has given me many multicultural perspectives, and I really enjoyed the dynamic classroom atmosphere, campus sports culture, fitness facilities, and cross-cultural communications I encountered at UW.

As I was searching for master programs, I had a memorable experience at the Class Visit – SCM 521: Managing Supply Chain Projects, where I developed deep insights into the MSCM program. By talking with ambassadors and faculty, my interest in SCM was intrigued and I came to realize that Foster MSCM program would correspond very nicely with my desire career trajectory.

Now, as an ambassador, I would like to share my experience and perspectives with you as I’ve been helped before. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. Go Dawgs!

Jiaqi Wu

Hometown: Xi’an, China
Why did you want to join the ambassador program?
The ambassador program offers great opportunities to connect with prospective and current students. Before I joined Foster, I had gained a lot of help from MSCM alumni who shared me study experience and job hunting in Seattle area. I want to continue to add the richness of the involvement with coming students during my study at UW.