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Taking Non-MBA Courses

Full-time MBA students may apply up to 16 credits of approved non-MBA graduate level toward their MBA degree requirements. Of the 16 credits, 8 credits may be applied from 400-level undergraduate courses.

If you wish to enroll in a course outside the Foster MBA Program and have it count toward your MBA degree, you must complete a Non-MBA Class Request form (pdf). Submit the completed form to the MBA Program Office at least one month prior to the start of the quarter. The approval process takes approximately a week and is required before you register for the course.

For registration information, contact the course instructor or the department through which the course is scheduled.

In the past, the following non-MBA courses were approved. Many additional course options may be found by reviewing the UW Course Catalog, the UW Quarterly Schedule of Classes, or by contacting the appropriate academic department directly.

Please note that approval is required from the MBA Program Office before you register for the following courses:

Pre-Approved Non-MBA Graduate Level Courses
The following courses are pre-approved and do not require the submission of a Non-MBA Class Request form. To enroll in the courses, you must receive approval and an add code, if applicable, from the course instructor or academic department manager.

Program on the Environment

  • ENVIR 501: Graduate Seminar in Environmental Management
  • ENVIR 502: Business Strategy & the Natural Environment
  • ENVIR 503: Role of Scientific Information in Environmental Decisions
  • ENVIR 511: Environmental Management – Keystone Project 1
  • ENVIR 512: Environmental Management – Keystone Project 2
  • ENVIR 550: Global Commercialization of Environmental Technologies

Public Policy

  • PUBPOL 503: Executive Leadership
  • PUBPOL 507: Mediation and Negotiation as Instruments of Public Management & Policy-Making
  • PUBPOL 523: Advanced Budgeting in the Public Sector
  • PUBPOL 524: Public Sector Financing
  • PUBPOL 531: Development Management in the 21st Century
  • PUBPOL 533: Economics of International Development
  • PUBPOL 550: Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • PUBPOL 551: Program Development and Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations
  • PUBPOL 553: Nonprofit Financial Management

Real Estate

  • RE 510: Introduction to Real Estate
  • RE 513: Real Estate Finance and Investment
  • RE 516: Introduction to Real Estate Economics & Market Analysis
  • RE 550: Real Estate Development
  • RE/URBDP 552: Real Estate Process
  • RE 553: Urban Land Economics
  • RE/URBDP 554: Real Estate Finance
  • RE 556: Real Estate Investments
  • RE 558: Real Estate Market Analysis
  • RE 571: Real Estate Development

Pre-Approved Undergraduate Level Courses
Only 8 credits of undergraduate courses may be applied toward your MBA degree requirements. Undergraduate courses are included in the 16 credit maximum of Non-MBA Electives.

Foster Undergraduate Courses*

*If you would like to enroll in a Foster Undergraduate course, please complete of the following steps:

  1. Contact your academic advisor (Norah Fisher for Full-time students) to discuss and identify the undergraduate course(s) that you are interested in taking.
  2. If your intended course is not pre-approved, fill out the Non-MBA Class Request form (above) and submit it for review and decision as to whether the course will be applicable toward your MBA degree requirements.
  3. Your academic advisor will contact the appropriate Undergraduate Program Office liaison advisor to gain approval for you to reach out to the course instructor for written permission to register for a particular section (subject to space availability). Should permission be granted, please forward on to Norah Fisher and the Undergraduate liaison advisor.
  4. After the specific quarter’s Registration Period 1 has passed, if there is sufficient open space in the course, the Undergraduate liaison advisor may elect to directly enroll you in the course. If not, you should plan to attend the class in the first week of the quarter and keep up on coursework. During that time, you must go to the Undergraduate Program Office to see the liaison advisor during “drop-in” hours to request to be registered in the course. To determine first week of the quarter “drop-in” dates and hours, please contact the Undergraduate Program Office directly at [email protected] or 206.685.3400.