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Elective Course Pre-Registration Instructions

Full-Time MBA students will find detailed information on the elective registration process below.

Step 1: Pre-Registration Bidding The MBA Program Office pre-registration bidding process takes place online through the Pre-Registration Bidding Portal (PBP), with students allocating an allotment of bid points on the elective courses that the Foster MBA Program will offer in the next academic quarter. Bidding results (courses that you may then register for) are determined by a variety of factors described below.
Step 2: Register for Assigned Courses Register online (via MyUW) for your assigned courses using the bidding results provided for you.

To complete the pre-registration elective bidding process:

  1. Consult the timeline. Be absolutely sure you know when bidding opens, and when it closes.
  2. Review the quarterly schedule of courses and tentative schedules for future quarters. Determine which courses you wish to bid on.
  3. Determine how many bid points are available to you (see table below).
  4. Review the bid range report from Winter 2021 to help you decide how many points to bid for each course.
  5. Review the special cases & exclusions section below for information on certificate courses, course prerequisites, and courses not included in the bidding process.
  6. Bid via the online Pre-Registration Bidding Portal (PBP).
    • Log in to the PBP using your UW NetID and password.
    • Rank and bid on your preferred courses.
  7. Check the status of your bids.
    • After you submit your bids, you may see the status of your course bids relative to other bids through the “Seat #” column.
  8. Adjusting your bids.
    • You may log in to the PBP and change your bids as often as you would like throughout the bidding period, though be advised that in tie-breaker situations, the timestamp of your final submission will be used.
  9. Bid Results
    • A few days after bidding closes, you may log in to the PBP and view your bid results. For the specific date and time bid results are available, check the Full-Time MBA Registration Calendar.
  10. Review instructions for finalizing your elective registration.

Notes on the Bidding Portal

  • The lowest valid bid is one point – a bid of zero will be discarded by the PBP.
  • The timestamp of a submitted bid is used as a tie-breaker, which gives an advantage to students who submit their bids early.

Problems or questions about registration? Contact [email protected].

Each quarter students are assigned bid points; the number of points correlates to the number of elective courses you plan to take. You will allocate these points to your course preferences. For Winter Quarter, the following point guidelines will be used:

Full-Time MBA Class of 2022
  • 60 points for 12 elective course credits (maximum number of credits you can be awarded during bidding)
  • 50 points for 10 elective course credits
  • 40 points for 8 elective course credits
  • 30 points for 6 elective course credits
  • 20 points for 4 elective course credits
  • 10 points for 2 elective course credits
Full-Time MBA Class of 2023
  • Not eligible to participate until Spring Quarter 2022 elective bidding
Elective courses that are offered in both the daytime and the evening, Full-Time MBA students have priority into the daytime section and Evening MBA students have priority into the evening section. For elective courses that are offered only once during the academic year (either in the daytime or evening), there is no priority given to either student group. Winter 2022 bidding priorities are listed here.

Winter Quarter electives that satisfy additional MBA degree requirements include:

  • International Perspective:
    • FIN 579: Asian Capital Markets
    • FIN 579: Climate Change and the Capital Markets
    • FIN 579: International Finance
    • IBUS 570: Study Programs
    • IBUS 579: Global Business Forum
  • Practical Experience:
    • BA 578: Impact Investing Strategic Management Practicum
    • ENTRE 532: Software Entrepreneurship
    • FIN 579: The Power of Access: Impact Lending to Underserved Communities
    • MKTG 560: Consumer Insights
    • MKTG 579: Analytics Consulting Lab

Entrepreneurship Certificate Courses

Below are the required certificate courses offered in Winter Quarter:

  • ENTRE 509: Foundations of Entrepreneurship
  • ENTRE 510: Entrepreneurial Strategy

MBA Electives Excluded from the Bidding Process

  • Angel Investing, Board Fellows, Creative Destruction Lab, Foster Research Partners, Impact Investing Strategic Management Practicum, and Leadership Fellows: By application only. Students selected for the 2021-2022 academic year will be registered by the MBA Program Office.
  • ACCTG 579: Race, Culture, and Business Immersion. By application only. Click here for more information.
  • ENTRE 532: Software Entrepreneurship. By application only. Please contact Alex Eli.
  • FIN 579: The Power of Access: Impact Lending to Underserved Communities. By application only. Please contact Kennedy Cockrel.
  • IBUS 570: Study Programs. By application only. Click here for more information.
  • Independent Study is not included in the bidding process. See the Independent Study webpage for details. Please adhere to the registration deadlines.
  • Non-MBA Courses are not part of the bidding process. Permission required. If you are considering courses outside of the MBA Program, please read the policies relating to Non-MBA Courses.

As you decide to bid for various elective courses, you may use the Winter Quarter 2021 Bid Range Report to help you determine how many points you wish to bid. This report details the status of the course as of the end of bidding and the range of bids for students who successfully got into each course.