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Global Business Forum (IBUS 579)

The MBA Global Business Forum is a themed speaker-series course designed to look at current trends in global business and hold discussions regarding international issues facing companies. Leaders from international businesses and other organizations, as well as faculty members from various departments and specializations are invited to share their perspectives with seminar participants.

GBF for Credit

The Global Business Forum (listed as an IBUS 579 in the time schedule) is offered every quarter with a different theme, and is a 2-credit class. Students may apply a maximum of 6 Global Business Forum credits towards their MBA degree elective requirements.



Autumn 2021: Global Approaches to Sustainability and Climate Change

As attention and urgency has increased regarding climate change and conservation and stewardship of natural resources, companies and global organizations have played a key role in shaping and leading actionable progress towards sustainability.  This quarter, we will invite leaders from emerging and established countries to share how they have helped to take collective action to address climate change.  We will invite multiple approaches towards identifying global solutions towards climate change, including clean energy, responsible consumption habits, and conserving biodiversity.  We hope to learn about how global business leaders have influenced and been influenced by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, how they have invested and allocated resources towards these efforts, and how they have worked in partnership across borders, industries, and governments to tackle climate change.

Winter 2022: Doing Business with Africa

The GBF will host executives who have worked in Africa or have built and maintained significant relationships with companies in countries in Africa to share their experiences. We will highlight several growing economies within the African continent and explore how companies based in the US and other countries have identified and evaluated potential opportunities for growth.  Executives will be asked to compare and contrast their experiences in Africa with business experiences in the US and other countries to identify practices, approaches, and frameworks that facilitate strong and sustainable partnerships.

Spring 2022: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion on the Global Scale

Particularly since Spring of 2020, many US-based companies have publicly stated their commitment towards diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI).  How do these commitments play out in multinational companies, where cultures, power dynamics and historical contexts have shaped corporate cultures? We will invite DEI leaders to join us in wrestling with common “DEI Dilemmas” that global companies face. For instance, how does the definition of equity change (or stay the same) in other countries?  How do national culture and government influence whose voices are amplified within organizations? How can global leaders maintain an authentic commitment towards DEI while respecting the diversity of cultures and customs that exist within their organizations?