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Finalizing Elective Registration Instructions

After you complete the elective course pre-registration bidding process and receive your bid results, you can proceed to register by following the instructions on this page. Make sure you’re aware of the important deadlines by reviewing the Full-Time MBA Registration Calendar. For information on adding or dropping courses, as well as wait lists and other special cases, please read about adjusting your schedule below.

The information on this page refers to Full-Time MBA Autumn 2020 bid results, enrollment procedures, and registration deadlines. Please read it carefully.

PBP Bid Results

After the elective course pre-registration bidding processing is complete, you may access the results for each course you bid on, which will indicate one of the outcomes in the table below.

Status Notes
5-digit number You have permission to enroll in the course through MyUW. The five-digit number is your add code. If the status says Enrolled (rather than a five-digit number), send an email to [email protected] for assistance.
Unneeded You were not awarded a space in this course because you have reached the maximum number of credits given through the pre-registration bidding process.
Class Full All spaces in the course have been allotted and you have not been awarded a space in the course. You will be placed on the course wait list in the order determined by your bid points.
Time Conflict This course was discarded because it conflicted with your core course or a higher ranked course.
Class Cancelled This course was cancelled due to low enrollment.
Duplicate You have already been awarded a different section of this course.


Click on the headings below to learn more.

For assistance with elective registration, please contact [email protected].

Once you have your bid results, you may register for the courses on MyUW beginning Friday, May 8.

To retain space in the courses awarded to you through the bidding process (and any courses requested since then), you must register no later than Sunday, May 31, or your add codes will be invalidated and the space may be reallocated to another student.

  • Adding Courses: Beginning Monday, May 11 at 8:00am, Full-Time MBA students may contact [email protected] to request space in additional MBA elective courses. Available spaces are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests received before this date and time are discarded for fairness, so do not email early.
  • Dropping Courses: Please notify [email protected] if you decide not to enroll in any of the courses awarded to you during bidding (or by request since then) to allow prompt reallocation of the space to another student.
  • Wait Lists: These are maintained for courses that fill during the bidding process or that fill from requests after bidding ends. The lists are processed by the MBA Program Office through Friday, September 18. Wait lists are then given to the course instructors to manage as they see fit.

It is your responsibility to adhere to the registration deadlines. If you have concerns regarding a deadline, please contact [email protected] before the deadline has passed.

May 11 @ 8:00am Full-Time MBA Class of 2021 may request space in additional available electives or add their names to wait lists. Please email requests to [email protected].
May 31
Deadline for Full-Time MBA students to register on MyUW to keep spaces in the courses they’ve been awarded through bidding or by request.
September 18
Deadline for Full-Time MBA students to request Autumn electives through the MBA Program Office.
October 6
Last day to add and/or drop an Autumn Quarter course on MyUW without incurring a late fee and potential tuition forfeiture.


Additional information is available on the UW Academic Calendar.