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The Master of Science in Information Systems program is one of the most respected and sought-after degree programs in the nation. After 10 years and hundreds of graduates, our track record of launching and supporting careers in every major tech company in the country is undisputed. Our graduates continue to apply the tools and experience gained from the program to jobs in a variety of fields. Learn more about how some of our alumni have used their degree to achieve their career goals.

Early Career

Kimberley Campbell

Kimberley CampbellMSIS Class of 2018
Business Analyst II, Amazon Alexa
”MSIS helped me land the big interviews and prep me for my next career goals to land a job with a tech company. I had the opportunity to test out my interview skills in mock interviews, learn skills for the technical interviews, and then head to the real ones fully prepared.”
Monique Smith

Monique SmithMSIS Class of 2018
Program Manager II, Microsoft
“MSIS opened the doors to connect me with mentors in my field, introduce me to career opportunities, and teach me about all the ways that technology and business impact each other. MSIS also helped introduce me to an executive at Microsoft who was looking to hire someone with a background like mine. After graduation I started as a Program Manager at Microsoft. As I think about how engineering efforts I propose will impact the business, I constantly reflect on the range of topics we covered in MSIS.”
Priyaranjan Pattnayak

Priyaranjan PattnayakMSIS Class of 2018
Principal Data Scientist, Oracle Cloud
“MSIS gave me a great platform to showcase my skills and interests and at the same time gave me the exposure necessary to explore growing trends in the tech industry. The degree boosted my career, gave me the required credibility in the field of data analytics and I ended up in the exact role and level where I wanted to be. It would not have been possible without MSIS, my team, and the professors.”
Bunmi Sofowora

Bunmi SofoworaMSIS Class of 2019
Sr. ANLS Data Scientist, Avanade
“The MSIS program has greatly influenced my career trajectory, because of all the connections I have made both with my fellow alumni and the professors. The courses have prepared me very well for a data science role. The professors have firsthand knowledge coming from similar roles, and they try to replicate projects and examples for our understanding. Transitioning from a student into a data science role was seamless because the algorithms and the tools that my team was using were very similar to what was taught in class.”
Afiya Nusrat

Afiya NusratMSIS Class of 2019
Product Manager, Axon
“I joined the MSIS program with the intention of pivoting my career from software engineering to product management. The wide variety of courses spanning across business and technology helped provide the perfect boost to my profile. We were also given plenty of opportunities to interact with business leaders through workshops and site visits which were extremely useful in bridging the gap between academia and industry.”
Shruti Chandrasekhar

Shruti ChandrasekharMSIS Class of 2019
Business Intelligence Engineer, Amazon
“Developing your network is as important as developing your technical skills. Never be shy to take advantage of the plethora of networking opportunities provided by the program. The value that the [Women in Tech Leadership Series] events bring is beyond what you can learn inside the classroom. I had the opportunity to represent MSIS at the Hopperx1 Seattle conference and Women in Tech Regatta. The exposure that I had through these conferences was immense. This unique platform gave me an opportunity to interact with some of the amazing women leaders in tech.”

Mid Career

Patrick Gutiérrez

Patrick GutiérrezMSIS Class of 2019
Support Engineer Manager, Amazon Web Services
“MSIS provided me the exposure and familiarity with tools like python to feel confident in the workplace rolling up my sleeves and digging deep into the data to make better-informed decisions with my team and invent on behalf of our customers. In the long term, MSIS fueled my passion for a career in tech to build new products and technologies to face evolving challenges.”
Ashley Park

Ashley ParkMSIS Class of 2017
Product Intelligence Manager, Microsoft
“MSIS was the most valuable investment that I have made in advancing my career. Since graduating, I’ve embarked on a new career track that has me building on the valuable skills I learned in my MSIS coursework. I’ve gained confidence in my own business and technical abilities which has carried me into roles in start-up, consulting, and technology companies.”
Pranav Farswani

Pranav FarswaniMSIS Class of 2018
Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft
“The MSIS program helped me accelerate my learning by giving me exposure to diverse and cutting-edge areas that drive the world of business and technology. This empowered me to explore the opportunities that lie in the technology industry and find my calling as a Product Manager.”
Chetna Yadav

Chetna YadavMSIS Class of 2018
Sr. Product Manager, Tableau Software
“One of the great things about the MSIS program is that the curriculum is tailored to the needs of both technology and business. The decision to join the program helped me get my dream role at Tableau and has definitely increased my career velocity.”

Advanced Career

James Lewis

James LewisMSIS Class of 2019
Senior Agile Project Manager, Starbucks
“Having graduated, I can say that I consistently use the technical and business skills that I’ve gained from the program in my career, and that having the degree makes me a competitive candidate in all roles I apply for or am recruited for. For me, it was difficult to turn down a 1- year program that enabled me to work while studying while providing a very high ROI.”
Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek SharmaMSIS Class of 2019
Sr. Engineering Service Engineer, Microsoft
“I felt a need to stretch my career aspirations to further enhance my technical skills as per the latest industry standards and innovations. I also wanted to strengthen my fundamental knowledge in the business domain from one of the top ranked business schools. During the MSIS program, I got promoted to Senior Engineer and now along with my technical responsibilities, I am also managing an international team and looking forward to implementing what I have learned.”