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Undergraduate YEOC Mentorship Program

YEOC Mentor applications for the 2021-2022 program are open!

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*Mentor & MiT applications are due March 31st, 2021 @ 11:59pm

Throughout the year, each YEOC high school student is paired with a current Foster School of Business student mentor who helps them navigate the program, prepare for college and scholarship applications, as well as develop tools for academic and personal success in high school and beyond.

YEOC mentors represent a diverse range of academic abilities, socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds. The common denominator amongst the mentors is the overarching goal to support their communities. The mission of the YEOC mentors is to “lift as we climb.” YEOC mentors are a reflection of what we hope the YEOC mentees will emulate as they prepare to pursue college. Learn more about the YEOC program here.

YEOC Mentors

Each YEOC Mentor will supervise, support and encourage a group of approximately 10-12 high school mentees throughout the 9-month program. Each mentor will also lead a YEOC session and business lecture such as Finance, Marketing or Information Systems. Mentors also take on leadership roles and special projects such as recruitment, event planning and YEOC alumni programming.
Eligibility: Rising Foster Junior or Senior

Mentors in Training (MIT)

Mentors in Training (MIT) support the YEOC program through a number of ways including special sessions, administration and leadership support at our Saturday sessions. Successful completion of the MIT program will result in an invitation to become a YEOC mentor the following academic year.
Eligibility: Rising UW Sophomore or Junior, pre-business students are preferred

Learn about the YEOC program, Mentors, and MITs in the 2020-2021 Mid-Year Report.