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Student Experience

Watch the video above for a look behind the scenes of the first quarter of Foster’s newly launched Hybrid MBA

This engaging Hybrid MBA Program brings together the best of online and in-person learning. Both online and campus experiences are structured to build the skills and confidence to lead and collaborate effectively in a range of real-world and virtual environments. Visit the Curriculum page for the detailed program calendar and course breakdown. View the Class of 2019.

The online experience: 95% online

The majority of your Hybrid MBA experience will take place online. Here’s the breakdown:

Flexible online

  • Recorded live streaming lectures
  • Interactive and monitored discussion boards
  • Podcasts
  • Video conferencing
  • Active learning assessments
  • Customized leadership roadmap and coaching
  • Online career coaching with career management staff
Scheduled online

  • Weekly (every Tuesday evening) 60-90 minute Foster Live sessions with faculty and fellow classmates
  • Virtual team simulations
  • Real-time course discussions
  • Optional reviews sessions on Thursday evenings

The in-person experience

The remaining 5% of your Hybrid MBA experience will take place in-person on campus. Each quarter will kick off with a mandatory 3-5 day intensive, on-campus immersion* that includes:

5% In-person on campus

  • Interactive classroom discussions
  • Networking and career planning workshops
  • Fun, social events with fellow students
  • Special lectures and networking events with industry leaders
  • All on-site meals provided

What a sample immersion schedule looks like:

Day Morning Lunch Afternoon Evening
Day 1 (Thursday) Class Luncheon & Speaker Class Student & Faculty Dinner
Day 2 (Friday) Class Luncheon & Speaker Class Networking Happy Hour
Day 3 (Saturday) Class Luncheon Class Student outing (optional)
Day 4 (Sunday) Class Luncheon Wrap up. Ends at 2 p.m.

* The final quarter of the program will have its in-person portion the last week of the term to coincide with capstone presentations and graduation.

The 100% team-driven difference

Study teams bring together students with diverse backgrounds and industries to support each other during this rigorous program. Study teams offer expanding perspectives, lasting friendships, and professional contacts, and are critical to successfully completing this two-year program. Read the blog post for more information about how study teams work in the Hybrid MBA program.

Go global on a study tour

To provide first-hand knowledge about business practices, legal, political, historical and economic issues in different countries, the Hybrid MBA Program offers an optional, 2-credit International Study Tour for its second-year students. Foster MBA students have traveled around the world from the Great Wall in China to Machu Picchu in Peru and have met with companies ranging from General Electric in Singapore and BMW in Munich to an e-home automation startup in Dubai. The optional international study tour is an opportunity of a lifetime and highly recommended.

Click on the red location markers on the map below to read about past Foster study tours.

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