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Student Experience

This engaging Hybrid MBA Program brings together the best of online and in-person learning. Both online and campus experiences are structured to build the skills and confidence to lead and collaborate effectively in a range of real-world and virtual environments. Visit the Curriculum page for the detailed program calendar and course breakdown.

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The online experience

The majority of your Hybrid MBA experience will take place online- through synchronous and asynchronous learning. Synchronous learning is similar to the traditional classroom where you show up to class at a designated time and date. Each week, you will be in live classes led by the Foster faculty, connect with your teammates via video meetings, and participate in real time discussions. Asynchronous learning is flexible, occurring whenever and from wherever. You will watch recorded lectures, read case studies, complete online learning assessments and more when your schedule allows.

Hybrid MBA alum Ashish Singhi talks about the program format

The in-person experience

The remaining 5% of your Hybrid MBA experience will take place in-person on campus. Each quarter will kick off with a mandatory 3-5 day intensive, on-campus immersion that includes interactive classroom discussions, networking, professional development workshops, social events, mealtimes together, and more. During the day you would attend two to three classes, delight in catered meals with your classmates, and enjoy networking reception in the evening. Get a behind the scenes of the immersion experience here.

Hybrid MBA alum Pierre Della Nave talks about the program immersions

The 100% team-driven difference

Study teams bring together students with diverse backgrounds and industries to support each other during this rigorous program. Study teams offer expanding perspectives, lasting friendships, and professional contacts, and are critical to successfully completing this two-year program. Read the blog post for more information about how study teams work in the Hybrid MBA program.

Hybrid MBA alumni Nathan Chapel, Sushma Rao, and Marta LaCroix talk about teams in the program

Go global on a study tour

To provide first-hand knowledge about business practices, legal, political, historical and economic issues in different countries, the Hybrid MBA Program offers an optional, 2-credit International Study Tour during the Summer quarter. Foster Hybrid MBA students have traveled around the world from the Great Wall in China to Machu Picchu in Peru and have met with companies ranging from General Electric in Singapore and BMW in Munich to an e-home automation startup in Dubai. The optional international study tour is an opportunity of a lifetime and highly recommended.

Hybrid MBA student Anne Kertson talks about the international study tour in Spain.

Hybrid MBA Student Council

The Hybrid MBA Student Council is a group of student representatives spanning both first-year and second-year students. These students have the opportunity to build and shape a new initiative and create a positive impact on the Hybrid MBA Program operations. Student Council members will represent their whole cohort and elevate feedback to the program administration while also helping to implement and communicate program ideas to their fellow students. They bring great energy to the program that is rarely found in blended MBA programs.

Meet the 2023-2024 Hybrid MBA Student Council and learn about their various roles here.

Co-curricular Offerings

The Hybrid Program Staff provide many opportunities to connect outside of the classroom including:

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