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Academic Resources

This page contains academic resources for prospective and current students.

Foster Instructional Tutoring Center (FIT)

This online tutoring center offers FREE tutoring in specific Foster School courses. Tutoring services are available to all UW students Monday through Wednesday, 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM. Students can check in here.

FIT pamphlet

For location and details, visit our Facebook page

Subjects covered:
ACCTG 215, 219, 225, 301
B ECON 300
FIN 350
MGMT 200
Q METH 201

Additional Resources such as the Foster forecast of courses from students can be found on the Foster Undergraduate Canvas page.

Transfer Courses and Study Abroad

Use the course equivalency guide to understand how Washington State Community College courses transfer back to the UW.

Use the Foster Study Abroad Course Evaluation List to see which courses have been previously approved from universities around the world.

Code of Conduct

If admitted to the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business, you become a member of a learning community committed to the highest academic standards. Be aware you must abide by the standards of conduct below.

You will agree to uphold the fundamental standards of honesty, respect and integrity, and accept the responsibility to encourage others to adhere to these standards.

Honesty: I will be truthful with myself and others.
Respect: I will show consideration for others and their ideas and work.
Integrity: I will be a leader of character. I will be fair in all relations with others.

As a member of the Foster School, you accept the responsibility to abide by and uphold the Foster School’s Undergraduate Code of Conduct.

Grade Expectations

All Foster School students are required to maintain a 2.0 GPA in three areas of their academics: overall UW cumulative GPA, Foster School coursework GPA, and Formal Option GPA. Failure to maintain a 2.0 in the UW or Foster School GPA will first result in academic probation, and if not remedied, it could mean being dropped from the Foster School of Business. Failure to maintain a 2.0 within a discipline-specific business major GPA could mean being dropped from that major.

Freshman Direct students are expected to maintain a 3.0 GPA during the first 45 UW credits, and must also complete micro economics, calculus and English composition during the first 45 UW credits.

See the Michael G. Foster School of Business continuation policy for more information. For information about Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) and Satisfactory/Non-Satisfactory (S/NS) grading, visit the UW Registrar website.


Fully-Enrolled Courses / Add Codes

The Foster School does not use add codes so asking your instructor for an add code will not work. The Foster School also does not overload courses that are full. The best course of action if a course is full is to watch for openings. The UW offers a free program, UW Notify, that can alert you when there is an opening in the full course you are interested in. You can find the UW Notify through your MYUW or by clicking on the SLN for the course you are interested in. See an adviser with questions or concerns.

For information about adding and dropping courses, visit the UW Registrar website.