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Professional Sales Program Curriculum

There are eight courses which must be completed prior to receiving a Professional Sales Certificate upon graduation. These courses are outlined below.

Foundation Curriculum (3 courses)

Students are required to complete these three foundation courses prior to enrolling in the sales curriculum courses. Equivalent courses may be accepted for transfer students. We will not accept classes that have a pass/fail grade. For entry into MKTG 301 as a non-business major, please contact the Professional Sales Program Assistant at [email protected]. The three required foundation classes are outlined below:

ACCTG 215 or 219 Acctg & Finance Reporting (5 credits) or Acctg Essentials (4 credits)
ECON 200 Intro Microeconomics (5 credits)
MKTG 301 Marketing Concepts (4 credits)

Sales Curriculum (3 courses)

In addition to the above prerequisite courses, the Professional Sales Program Certificate also requires three sales courses and two elective courses to be completed prior to receiving the certificate. The Professional Sales Program curriculum will take a minimum of three quarters to complete, as MKTG 301 must be completed before MKTG 335, and MKTG 335 must be completed before MKTG 496 (the practicum). The three required sales courses are outlined below:

MKTG 335 Principles of Selling (4 credits)
MKTG 430 Sales Force Management (4 credits)
MKTG 496 Sales Program Practicum (4 credits spring quarter only, exclusively for students that have been accepted into the Professional Sales Program)

Elective Curriculum (2 courses)

Students should complete two elective courses. Below is a PARTIAL list of sales-focused courses that are approved to fulfill the elective requirements for the Professional Sales Program Certificate. Other courses may be eligible to fulfill the elective requirements. For approval of additional courses, contact the director, Barry Erickson by emailing [email protected] or calling at (Office Phone) 206.221.5996. Find the course descriptions in the UW course catalog.

MGMT 300 Leadership and Organizational Behavior (4) (note: available to business majors only)
MGMT 401+ Leadership and Decision Making (4)
MGMT 402 Deal-Making and Negotiations (4)
MGMT 403 Motivation and Performance (4)
MGMT 404 Organization Development and Change (4)
MKTG 340 Advertising (4)
MKTG 411 Business-to-Business Marketing (4)
MKTG 450 Consumer Behavior (4)
MKTG 460 Marketing Research (4)
COM 220+ Introduction to Public Speaking (5)
COM 270+ Interpersonal Communication (5)
COM 320 Advanced Public Speaking (5)
COM 351 Interviewing (5)
COM 376 Non-Verbal Communications (5)
COM 471 Persuasion (5)

+ Highly recommended for Professional Sales Program Certificate
Note: for business majors with MKTG concentrations, MKTG 335, MKTG 430 and the MKTG classes listed above count towards the program requirements and the Marketing option.

Upon completion of your practicum (MKTG 496) and fulfillment of all the requirements, you will receive a Professional Sales Program Certificate and be recognized at the annual Business Partners Appreciation Breakfast.