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Foster Leadership Academy

The Foster Leadership Academy is a non-academic certification program partnering with UW Athletics open to current UW students. Engage in leadership experiences and reflect on your leadership journey through the lens of Authentic Leadership. Connect with other students in your cohort, gain confidence, and improve transferable skills (like problem-solving, giving and receiving feedback, and more). Earn a leadership certificate for your resume. Upon completion, each student will receive a Certificate, a professional Foster branded gift, and a valuable experience for your resume.

Applications open fall quarter. If you are interested in the program, please complete this form.

Questions? Email Dominic Evans ([email protected])

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Authentic Leadership Categories

Moral/Ethical Perspective

Authentic leaders possess a strong internalized moral perspective or “compass” that enables them to act in concert with their core values despite group, organizational or social pressures that could otherwise steer them off course.


Authentic leaders exhibit transparency by openly sharing their true thoughts and feelings in the interest of exploring the right course of action rather than simply conceding to popular opinion.

Balance processing

Authentic leaders demonstrate balanced processing by accurately and objectively analyzing all relevant data and stakeholder views before coming to a decision.


Leaders who demonstrate high leader self-awareness are mindful of the ways they think about, feel about, and choose to affect others in the context of influencing them to do something.

Leadership Certificate of Requirements

Attend 4 Workshops

There will be 1-2 workshops hosted each month. Each workshop will be based on at least one Authentic Leadership category.

Complete 2 personal leadership challenges

You will be provided 2 challenges to complete on your own time.

Complete 4 Reflections

There will be 4 reflection opportunities, one for each Authentic Leadership Category.
You should submit the reflections based on your workshops attended and your leadership challenges.

Final project – Personal Reflection Piece

Create a final project reflecting on your journey as a leader – in peer groups, activities, mentorship experience, Foster Leadership Academy, professional and personal life. In what ways have you grown? Describe what have you learned about yourself and who has influenced you.

Final Reflection format is through a written median, but if you would like to explore an alternative method, please reach out to Dominic Evans at [email protected]