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This page contains links to some important resources you’ll need as an MBA student in the Foster School. Select the headers to learn more. To find out more about how to plan an event, visit the Student Events Guide. It covers room reservations, catering, equipment rentals, and more.

The MBA Current Student Web site provides a broad picture of degree requirements, policies, and procedures of the full-time MBA Program. More detailed information pertinent to specific MBA programs and class years is available in the MBA Student Handbook and the Elective Registration Handbook.

MBA Student Handbook

Each incoming class of MBA students receives an MBA Student Handbook at orientation. The handbook provides detailed information on:

  • Degree requirements for your MBA class
  • UW and Foster School of Business policies and procedures
  • Support services within the Foster School of Business and the larger UW Community

Download the student handbook for your class:

Elective Guidelines Handbook

In addition to an MBA Student Handbook, students receive an Elective Guidelines Handbook. This handbook provides in-depth information on degree requirements, elective registration, and the bidding process.

Download the guidelines handbook for your class:

Continuing Student Scholarships

Student scholarships are made possible due to generous donations to the Foster School of Business and are awarded based on specific criteria designated by the donor. The predominant scholarship considerations include MBA academic merit, financial need, leadership, and demonstrated participation in the Foster MBA Program, the UW, and/or the community. 

  • All-Full-Time MBA Class of 2025 students who have been guaranteed a second-year scholarship or NRD must complete the MBA 2024-25 Full-Time Scholarship Application process detailed below. 

MBA 2024-25 Full-Time Scholarship Application Instructions

Step 1: If eligible (i.e., US citizens and permanent residents), submit the FAFSA Form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 

Step 2: Complete the Autumn 2024 Full-Time MBA Scholarship Application (https://uwfoster.my.site.com/GraduatePrograms/s/). You should select the “Apply for Scholarship button, then Scholarship for FTMBA button. 

Step 3: Complete all the questions and write the essays before April 30, 2024. The questions on this application enable us to match you to various donor funds with specific criteria. 

The application process requires you to complete yes/no and multiple-choice questions and several short essay questions as follows: 

  • Information about and examples of your leadership and participation in Foster clubs, the Foster/UW community, and/or your local community. 
  • A description of your career goals. 
  • Any financial hardships that may prevent you from attaining a degree from the Foster School of Business. 
  • Your personal experience with diverse cultures. 
  • Any personal or educational obstacles you overcame to attend college. 

Completion of this Scholarship Application is REQUIRED for you to receive your year 2 scholarship. Note that essays you provide are shared with the donors, failure to provide thorough answers will require you to rewrite your essays before scholarship funds are disbursed.   

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

Foster MBA students can take advantage of financial support through the following scholarships and work with the Consulting and Business Development Center to make a difference with multicultural businesses while strengthening business skills and rounding out the Foster academic experience. 

African American Heritage MBA Endowed Scholarship – This fund awards an annual scholarship to an African American student at the Foster School of Business. The scholarship recipient will work with the Consulting and Business Development Center to provide consulting assistance to support the growth of African American-owned businesses in Washington. The criteria for selection are academic merit, with a preference for students with financial need (as demonstrated by the FAFSA). 

Ernest I.J. Aguilar MBA Endowed Scholarship – Named after the founder of the Washington State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, this scholarship was established as a partnership between the Latino community and the University of Washington. It is the first endowed scholarship for Latino MBA students in the nation. Scholarship recipients will work with the Consulting and Business Development Center to provide consulting assistance to support the growth of Latino-owned businesses in Washington. Recipients are selected based on academic merit and financial need (as demonstrated by the FAFSA), and this is available to students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. 

To apply for either of the above scholarships, you should complete the relevant application at the 2024-25 Full-time Scholarship Application site. 

If you have any questions regarding the scholarship process, please email [email protected]. 

Notification of Scholarship Awards

For those who were guaranteed a second-year scholarship, The MBA Scholarship Committee will review and begin matching all promised scholarships to specific donor funds in early summer. Generally, initial awards are made by early July and continue until the start of classes in the fall. You will be notified by email once the awards are made. 

Scholarship recipients are required to write a thank-you note to each scholarship sponsor before the money is distributed to their student accounts. 

Graduate Funding Information Service (GFIS), Research Commons, Allen Library

Looking for more ways to fund your MBA education? UW Libraries’ GFIS is a great resource for you. Check out their website for a lot of great tips and resources, or contact them at [email protected] for drop-in hours or one-on-one appointments. 

International Student Funding

We realize it can be tough for International Students to fund their MBA as they are not eligible for U.S. financial aid. Here are some great ways to find funding for your education. 

Internal (UW)

  1. Graduate Student Assistantships
  2. GSEE Funding (Graduate Student Equity & Excellence)
  3. UW Research Centers & Institutes 
  4. Graduate School Fellowships & Awards 


  1. Online databases (log in through UW Libraries)
  2. Other schools’ websites – Harvard, UCLA
  3. Non-profit organizations

Building hours are only applicable during the academic quarters: Autumn-Spring. Closed on Holidays.

While you can use your Husky Card to access PACCAR Hall as well as the MBA Lounge 24/7, the hours below indicate when the building will be open for access without your card:

Monday-Thursday 7:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm – 9:00pm

Dempsey Hall
Floors 0 and 1 (Classrooms)

Monday-Thursday 7:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm
Saturday 8:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm – 9:00pm

Founders Hall
Floor 3 (MBA Program and Career Management Offices)

Monday-Thursday 7:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm

Foster Business Library Hours
Click here to reserve a Foster Business or UW Library study room.

Monday-Thursday 9:00am – 11:00pm
Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Team Room Information
Rooms are Open 24/7

The Foster School of Business uses the EMS system for Foster facility reservations. MBA students can book team rooms on this system here. Current MBA students can find this information on their course Canvas page.

Team Room Scheduling Guidelines:

  • You can reserve team rooms up to 7 days in advance.
  • These rooms are to be reserved only for group study, not for individual use. Groups have priority to use the room over individual students. Individual students should use the Foster Library study carrels.
  • All students are required to wear a mask within the rooms at all times and sanitize the room upon completion of your reservation. Sanitation supplies are supplied in each room. If there are not adequate supplies please reach out to the facilities team at [email protected].
  • On weekdays, there is a 2-hour time limit per group reservation. Note that teams should NOT book a room for back-to-back time blocks.
  • On weekends, there is no time block restriction. Only book what you honestly think your team needs (1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours, etc.).
  • 3rd floor PACCAR team rooms are unlocked 24/7: you should still make reservations for these rooms. Note that you may be approached by the building managers to verify you are indeed an MBA student and that you are following the UW’s health and safety guidelines. Please comply by giving your name and showing your Husky card.
  • If you do not arrive at your room by 10 minutes after your scheduled start time, your reservation may be cancelled and the room used by walk-up customers.
  • MBA students have priority access to the 3rd-floor PACCAR team rooms. However, if the rooms are not reserved for MBA student use, other students (e.g., undergraduates) are allowed to use the rooms on a walk-up basis. You are also allowed to use unreserved 2nd-floor PACCAR and 1st-floor Dempsey team rooms on a walk-up basis.

Click here to view the University of Washington’s Student Guide.
Students may access the Foster MBA Program Honor Code as a PDF.
The University of Washington’s Student Conduct Code is also available for online review.

Click here for instructions on how to use the Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS).

The MBA Association is responsible for shaping your student experience, including club activities, career networking, and social events. Membership is required in order to join any other student club. More details available on the MBAA Website.

Student Membership in Professional Organizations

The MBA Program Office will pay the student membership fees in a club-related professional organization for one representative per academic year. If there is not a student membership (or other discounted member rate) and the fee is higher, the MBA Program Office will consider paying some portion of the membership on a case-by-case basis.

Responsibilities of the Student Representative:

  • Regularly attend the local professional organization meetings
  • Report back once per quarter to the MBA club officers and members and the MBA Program Office Liaison the following information:
    • Upcoming events and training opportunities
    • Information regarding industry trends, analysis and opportunities
    • Networking opportunities
  • Represent Foster School of Business and the related club at professional organization events, meetings
  • Be a resource to interested students in the offerings of the professional organization
  • Utilize the connections of the professional organization to provide speakers and/or event ideas for the club
  • Obtain membership information to pass along to subsequent Foster club members

This opportunity is open to club members at any time during their first academic year through Oct. 15 of their second year.

Procedures for Joining a Club-related Professional Organization:

    • Contact Club President to see if an MBA student is currently enrolled as the representative to the association; if not, with the club president’s consent.
    • Make an appointment with the Director of Student Affairs to discuss the responsibilities of membership and fill out the necessary membership forms. The MBA Program Office will pay your fee (or agreed upon portion).

Coursework knowledge alone won’t make you effective in the complex sphere of modern business. The Foster MBA Program has many leadership opportunities available to its students.

Foster MBAA Leadership
The MBA Association at the Foster School of Business is your gateway to experiencing life outside of the classroom. To learn more, view the list of MBA Association Leadership Opportunities

MBAA Club Leadership
The Foster School has over 20 clubs that offer additional exposure to industry-specific information, professionals, and companies, as well as lots of opportunities to socialize with your fellow students. Check out The Foster MBA Club Catalog to learn more about each club. All clubs offer a 1st year leadership position, elected in Autumn quarter each year.

Click here for the MBA Student Directory.