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Consulting Projects

Several upper-level courses (MGMT 440, ENTRE 455/MKTG 445, IBUS 470, IBUS 496 and other marketing courses) invite students to serve as consultants on real-world business issues. The teams work in partnership with businesses to understand their needs and clarify the scope of work. They do in-depth analysis and research over the course of a 10-week quarter. At the conclusion, a formal written report and a final presentation will be made to the company. Projects range on topics from foreign market entry strategy to comprehensive marketing plans.

Entrepreneurial Marketing “Go-To-Market” Project Application

International Business Consulting Application

Company Testimonials
“Very professional throughout, positive attitudes, high-quality research with meaningful recommendations as the output. Thank you for doing such great work. They came up to speed on (our) complex channel strategy and business model very quickly and came up with great recommendations (for market expansion in the) UK, EU, and Japan. (Senior leaders) were all very impressed and pleased with their work.”

“The team took the project very seriously. They took the time to get to know my company background and business plan. The input they provided never seemed like it was based on what I may have liked to hear but on their thoughtful research. The communication was excellent, and I was not only impressed with the group’s professionalism and project management, but also with their effective dynamic working together as a team.”

“Thank you for all of your smart work to help us start using our data more intelligently. Your enthusiasm and thoughtfulness was evident throughout the quarter and really shone through in the final presentation, especially in explaining how to take this information to the next level.”

“We are implementing two of the marketing recommendations/plans from the students and we have hired one of the students as a Marketing Intern.
He is doing excellent work running our marketing programs and with his experience at our company, he landed his first full-time job. As an Alumni of the University of Washington Business School, it is wonderful to see how the UW provides classes that have real-world content and examples.”

Examples of Past Businesses and Consulting Projects:
Client: Social Enterprise
Industry: Food and Beverage
Function: Operations
Project: Database creation and management to increase Social Return on Investment (SROI) of the organization’s outreach efforts

Client: Emergency Alert Device Manufacturer
Industry: Health care
Function: Market analysis
Project: Foreign market expansion including prioritization of expansion efforts. Key international partners identified to ensure product effectiveness.

Client: Race Car Track
Industry: Recreation
Function: Marketing
Project: Develop marketing plan including recommendations on website improvements and enhance customer experience.

Client Size: Small/Start-up
Industry: Tech/Mobile App
Function: Marketing/Pricing
Project/Deliverables: Develop a business model and pricing strategy for a mobile application

To get involved as a participating company:
Laura Edwards
Associate Director – Student Engagement, Leadership and Learning
[email protected]

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