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MBA Strategic Consulting Program

The Foster MBA Strategic Consulting Program connects teams of MBA students with businesses to deliver creative solutions to critical business challenges.
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About the projects

We offer two project options: Field Study and Applied Strategy. Both can be structured to address almost any strategic business issue. We will help you determine which option would be the best fit for your needs based on the timing and nature of your project.

Applied Strategy Projects

Teams of 5-6 full time MBA students work on the project one quarter while learning how strategies are created and executed. We conduct approximately twenty Applied Strategy projects per year. 2019 projects will run from January 15-March 15. Sponsoring companies meet with their MBA team weekly in-person or virtually.

Application Deadline: October 25

Field Study Projects

Field Study projects are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a more focused, in-depth analysis. We provide you with 3-5 students who have completed their core MBA classes. Projects are completed during Autumn (October-December) or Spring (April-June) quarters.

Application Deadlines: February 15

Why work with Foster MBAs?

Our MBA Strategic Consulting Program has conducted projects for hundreds of companies involving more than one thousand MBA students. Through this program the sponsoring companies gain valuable insights on strategy, marketing, supply chain, finance, and organizational management. Students use their prior experience and new MBA skills to acquire career-building experience, bringing an outside perspective and immediate value to your organization.

28Average age of MBA student
5.7Average years of professional work experience
The projects are a great opportunity to work on a real business case for one of the world-class organizations connected to Foster.
Jeff OldenMBA, 2017

More information about the projects

See a select list of past client companies below.

Alaska Airlines
Alliance of Angels
Boys & Girls Club
CDK Digital Marketing
Code Fellows
Dell EMC
Dry Soda Co.
Eddie Bauer
Egencia, an Expedia Company
Evolent Health
Expeditors International
F5 Networks
Foss Maritime
Getty Images
GM Nameplate
Group Health Cooperative
Holland America Line
Isernio’s Sausage
K2 Corporation
La Panzanella
National Park Service
Outdoor Research
Planetary Power
Providence Health & Services
Puget Sound Energy
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Seattle Opera
Ste. Michelle Wine Estates
Talking Rain
Volt Athletics
Wells Fargo Bank
West Monroe Partners
The project descriptions are organized by functional area.


  • Customer lifetime value (CLV) analysis and recommendations to increase CLV.
  • Develop market strategy including design, packaging, and distribution channels for new product.
  • Communications and marketing plan for software training and referral program.
  • Customer journey-mapping and recommendations for improving customer experience.
  • Define target customer segments and determine market size for a new product or service offering.
  • Analyze potential channel conflicts for new product or service.
  • Competitor marketing analysis and messaging recommendations.
  • Develop a strategy to launch and open a national franchise store in the Seattle area.
  • Market research and positioning for a product or service.

Finance/Business Planning

  • Benchmarking of industry payment terms and recommendations for optimal policy and practice.
  • Develop a financial model for optimization of asset lifetime value.
  • Conduct a landscape assessment and provide recommendations for how to increase profitability.
  • Develop a strategic growth plan for an organization to expand presence internationally.
  • Design a financial model to optimize cash flow management.
  • Identify carbon offset programs and develop a strategy to stabilize emissions with carbon-neutral growth.

Operations & Supply Chain

  • Develop ways to reduce expenses and improve accountability when using express delivery services.
  • Assess production processes and develop operations improvement plan.
  • Create a strategy to increase vendor options for the company.
  • Conduct an in-depth operations process analysis.


  • Develop recommendations for improving employee satisfaction and long-term retention of part-time employees.
  • Analyze current state and best practices to provide recommendations on improvements in service delivery.
  • Create a career progression guide and training plan for employees.
  • Develop metrics for a team performance dashboard and a toolkit for improving team performance.

Watch the video above for more information on developing an MBA consulting project.

Watch the video above for more information on managing an MBA student consulting team.

Global Consulting Projects

In addition to the applied strategy and field study projects listed above, we also offer consulting for companies looking to expand and/or enhance operations outside of the U.S. Please visit the Global Consulting Projects page for more information.

For more information about the MBA Strategic Consulting program, contact us at [email protected]