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Allison Shults
Allison Shults
Assistant Director
Condon Hall 717

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I apply to the Spring 2023 or Summer 2023 quarter?

The Spring quarter intake is for applicants taking information systems proficiency coursework. If you do not have strong experience in data-networking, databases, and object-oriented environments, we encourage you to apply for Spring 2023. If you have advanced experience in these areas, we encourage you to apply for the Summer 2023 quarter.

Are F-1 visa holders eligible to apply?

Yes, students admitted to the Spring quarter take a full-time course load. International students who anticipate studying on an F-1 visa are encouraged to apply. See Application deadlines here.

If I am admitted to the Spring 2023 quarter, do I have to reapply for Summer 2023?

Admission to the Spring quarter is admission to the MSIS program. You do not have to reapply.

Are scholarships available for Spring quarter?

The MSIS program may offer limited scholarships to highly competitive applicants. MSIS does not offer any full-tuition scholarship opportunities. Most MSIS students fund the program through a combination of student loans and personal funds.

I am not sure if I should apply for Spring or Summer. Who should I contact?

Always reach out to the MSIS Admissions Team before applying if you are unsure whether Spring or Summer would be a better fit. We are happy to talk about your experience and help you determine your next steps. The MSIS Admissions Team can be reached at [email protected].

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