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Professional Sales Program Business Partners

Students who complete the Professional Sales Program at the University of Washington Foster School of Business have a competitive advantage when applying for internships and jobs. Highly praised for their talent, preparation, and sophistication when interviewing, networking or presenting, our students are noticed by business leaders across the country and hired more often than other candidates. Placement rate for Professional Sales Program graduates is greater than 93%.

Participate in the Professional Sales Program

The Professional Sales Program is a self-sustaining program. Businesses and individuals can help us by offering financial support and hiring our students. The Professional Sales Program students take a practicum course spring quarter where they spend 12-15 hours per week working at a company in a sales capacity and being exposed to aspects of the sales cycle. If you would like to participate or are interested in more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact Barry Erickson at [email protected] or 206.221.5996.

Mentor a Student

During one academic quarter, students work with an assigned sales management mentor to experience day-to-day activities and issues in a thriving business. We have engaged over 100 business leaders to fulfill this position in the past. If you would like to mentor a UW student, please contact Barry Erickson at [email protected] or 206.221.5996.

Offer Student Internships or Sales Jobs

Do you have a sales internship or job opportunity available in your company? Post the position on Husky jobs. Please email the job description and application process to Barry Erickson at [email protected] or 206.221.5996.