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 This page contains information on Foster Full-time MBA degree requirements, available courses at the Foster School, and how to register for classes. You will also find links to academic-related MBA forms.

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Transform your career in 20 months (or stay an extra quarter to further your goals). The Full-time MBA program gives you something shorter programs can’t. A full-time program is a life-changing experience because it gives you the time to match who you are with what you want to do in a new career.

Full-time MBA Program Requirements

  • 46 required Core credits (5 Core classes)
  • 44 elective credits
  • 7 additional required degree activities
Year 1
Autumn Winter Spring

BA 500 (16 credits)

Financial Accounting

Managerial Finance

Building Effective Teams

Leadership Development

Competitive & Corporate Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Professional Development

Additional Requirements:
Case Competition

BA 501 (14 credits)

Applied Strategy: Business Consulting Project

Microeconomics of Competition & Strategy

Leading Teams & Organizations

Statistics for Business Decisions

BA 502 (8 credits)

Managerial Accounting

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Quantitative Methods: Decision Support Models

Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)

Year 2

MGMT 504 (4 credits): Ethical Leadership

Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)

BECON 501 (4 credits): Analysis of Global Economic Markets

Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)

Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)
Elective (4 credits)

Year One Requirements

  • 3 integrated Core courses (16 credits Autumn, 14 credits Winter, 8 credits Spring)
  • 8 elective credits

Each Core course consists of several instructional modules of varying lengths. During Spring quarter, in addition to Core courses, you complete the 8 credits of elective classes, which introduce subjects for further study in the second year and prepare you for summer internships.

Year Two Requirements

  • 2 Core courses: a 4-credit Ethical Leadership course (Autumn) and a 4-credit course in Analysis of Global Economic Conditions (Winter)
  • 36 elective credits)

Core Courses

More information about the Full-time MBA Core curriculum in year one and year two, as well as the quarterly study team assignments and Core course schedule can be found here.

Elective Courses

The following pages contain information about MBA Electives.

In addition to the Core and Elective coursework, to complete degree requirements, each Foster Full-time MBA student must complete the following:

  • Foster Professional Development Activities (sequence delivered by Foster MBA Career Management)
  • 2 MBA International Perspective Activities
  • 2 MBA Practical Experience Activities
  • Summer Internship/Project (or equivalent)
  • MBA Core Case Competition

Foster Professional Development
Each student must complete a series of workshops relating to their personal, professional, and career development as part of the first-year Autumn Core course (BA 500).

International Perspective
Each student must complete two activities that provide them with an international or global perspective.  Examples of activities that can satisfy this requirement are MBA courses that focus on international topics, non-MBA courses with an international focus (for instance, Jackson School of International Studies courses), study abroad, international study tours, or completion of an internationally focused internship or project.

Students studying in the Foster Full-time MBA program on an F-1 or other type of visa are considered to have satisfied these international perspective requirements.

Practical Experience
Completion of two practical experience activities is also required in order to complete Foster Full-time MBA degree requirements. These are activities designed to expose students to actual business situations in new or established businesses or organizations. All students will satisfy one of these requirements through the winter quarter Applied Strategy module of the Core. Examples of other activities that will fulfill practical experience requirements are application-based Independent Study projects, Field Study projects, and MBA courses that include performing a project for a company or organization.

Summer Internship/Project (or equivalent)
All MBA Candidates are required to complete a summer internship or equivalent project. This experience provides students an opportunity to apply acquired business theory and concepts in a business setting. Students in the Foster Full-time MBA program who are financially sponsored by their companies, and thus ineligible to do a summer internship, are waived out of this requirement.

Core Case Competition
All students complete the Core Case Competition degree requirement as part of their Autumn quarter BA 500 course requirements. Student teams provide an analysis of an organizational challenge and deliver a presentation outlining managerial recommendations to a panel of judges.

Independent Study Use Independent Study to pursue subjects or topics not offered in a regularly scheduled course. Please review the Independent Study webpage for forms and detailed information about the Independent Study process.
Master’s Degree Request Complete the online Master’s Degree Request form (found on the Graduate School website) in the quarter you plan to graduate. Additional details are also available on the MBA Graduation webpage.
MBA Scholarships Please see the Scholarships section found on the Resources webpage for detailed information.
Non-MBA-Class-Request (pdf) Use this form if you wish to take a course outside the MBA Program and count it toward your degree requirements. Please check the list of pre-approved non-MBA courses, which do not require this form. Submit the completed form to the MBA Program Office at least one month prior to start of the quarter. Approval is required before the class begins.
Professional Development Activity Approval Request Form (pdf) Complete this form and provide the MBA Program Office with documentation on any activity not regularly included in the MBA Program that you wish to have considered to count toward your additional degree requirements (practical experience or international perspective).
UW Registrar Forms The UW Registrar provides access to assorted forms for registration, student life, and records such as consent forms and refund applications.
MBA Curricular Practical Training Request Form Submit completed the online form, which will be routed to the MBA Program Office, and then complete the Online CPT Application, via MyISSS, on the ISS website.