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Plan of Study

Throughout the 11-week Spring quarter, students sharpen their technical skills through coursework in Python, SQL, and data-networking. Students benefit from small classes taught by dedicated information systems faculty and industry practitioners. After completing Spring Accelerate, students join the core MSIS program starting Summer quarter.

See the Plan of Study below to learn how the Accelerate Spring quarter fits into the MSIS curriculum.

Students in Spring quarter take foundational courses in basic IT infrastructure and leadership:

  • Fundamentals of Application Programming
  • Database Management
  • Networks & Cybersecurity
  • MSIS Leadership Series
  • Information Technology and Organizational Strategy
  • Business Data Analysis
  • Operations and Business Process Management
  • Business Decision Models
  • MSIS Leadership Series
  • Introduction to Data Mining & Analytics
  • Information Security in a Networked World
  • Advanced Database Systems and Data Warehouse(s)
  • MSIS Leadership Series
  • Information Technology & Marketing in the New Economy
  • Advanced Business Data Mining
  • Cyber Security Policy, Management, and Compliance
  • Managing in the Era of Cloud Computing
  • MSIS Leadership Series
  • Digital Transformation of Organizations
  • Managing Information Technology Projects
  • Enterprise Systems & Integration
  • MSIS Leadership Series
  • One elective from available offerings