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Frequently Asked Questions

The Hybrid MBA Program is a mostly online MBA option from the top-ranked, accredited University of Washington Foster School of Business. The Hybrid MBA Program combines three learning modalities: online on-demand learning, online synchronous learning, and in-person learning. Read “What is the Hybrid MBA” article here.
The Hybrid MBA Program is a lock step format. Classes are sequenced and follow the University’s quarter system schedule. Students in the program will experience live synchronous classes each week accompanied by live review sessions and a wealth of online learning resources (videos, case studies, and online discussions).
Graduates of the Hybrid MBA Program at the Foster School of Business earn the same degree as those who complete the Full-Time program. However, the student experience is different when pursuing a full-time MBA versus an MBA for working professionals.
While the schedule is work-compatible (mostly in the evenings), students are taking a full credit load each quarter. This credit load allows students to complete the program in the two-year time frame. Students report making between a 20-30 hour commitment per week. Review the quarter by quarter curriculum here.
The Hybrid MBA is a program fee structure because it is inclusive of more than tuition. The program fee includes textbooks, access to case studies, video lectures, catering when on campus, etc. The program fee is divided among 6 quarters and 3 calendar years. Students would pay 1 quarter of the program fee the first year, 3 quarters during the second year, and 2 quarters the third year. More information on the program fee and financing information can be found here.
The Hybrid MBA Program is two years in length with the summer off. It is a cohort-based program so those you enter the classroom with are who you walk across the graduation stage with.
The Hybrid MBA Program is highly credible. It is taught by professors who teach across the MBA portfolio. The curriculum is a general business administration with a hand full of elective offerings. See the Foster School rankings by program here.
The Online MBA Program at the Foster School can help your career through robust career management offerings. Not only will you graduate with a deep business administration knowledge base, but you will have the support during the program to pivot or advance in your career.