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Admissions FAQ

When are applications accepted?

Although a new EMBA group begins only in the Autumn Quarter, applications are accepted throughout the year and processed on a rolling basis. The final application deadline is June 5. A few applications are accepted after the final deadline on a space available basis.

Who should apply early?

International applicants (any applicant residing outside the U.S.) should apply well before the May 15 deadline. English proficiency is a requirement for graduate admission. Applicants who earned a degree outside Australia, the Bahamas, Canada, Ireland, Jamaica, New Zealand, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, the United Kingdom or the United States are strongly encouraged to apply early as well.

How are students selected for admission?

Students are selected based on an overall evaluation of their applications. A significant factor in selection is an applicant’s potential contribution to the program based on professional and management experience. We require a minimum of seven years work experience. We seek to create a diverse student cohort that represents a wide range of geographic regions, industries, companies and positions.

How much does the program cost?

The 21-month program fee for students enrolling Autumn Quarter 2020 is anticipated to be $120,000*. The program fee is equally divided among six academic quarters. The program fee includes: instructional fees; textbooks and course materials; meals and lodging at Fall Residence; class day parking; light breakfast, lunch and breaks on class days; and most on-the-ground expenses of the required International Immersion (second year).

* Fees are subject to approval by the University of Washington’s Board of Regents.

What is NOT included in the program fees?

Travel to and from the Residence Sessions, incidental costs at each Residence Session (e.g., phone calls, laundry, souvenirs), travel to and from Seattle for North America students, and travel to and from the International Immersion.

Is an undergraduate degree required for admission?

An undergraduate degree is required for UW graduate admission. However, a few non-degreed EMBA applicants with outstanding work experience may be considered each year. We evaluate candidates on a case-by-case basis and admission recommendations are subject to approval by both the Foster School Masters’ Program Committee and the UW Graduate School Dean.

No undergraduate degree admission petition approvals are generally based on applicant having an earned associate’s degree or above, extensive total work experience including practice in senior-level/executive roles, and demonstration of quantitative skills. Applicants without an undergraduate degree are required to take the GMAT.

Potential applicants without an undergraduate degree are encouraged to consult with the EMBA Admission Director prior to applying. Inquiries may be sent to [email protected].

Is the GMAT required?

The GMAT is not required for admission for applicants with an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited university. (Note: Applicants without an undergraduate degree must take the GMAT. Please consult an EMBA admission staff member.) However, you should be aware that a number of preparation modules are required prior to Autumn Quarter classes.

Is an interview required?

Interviews are conducted after an initial review of your application and can take place several ways. The applicant can come to the UW campus, the interview can be completed over the telephone, or an interview can be scheduled with an EMBA Admissions representative at your location, if we are visiting that area.

Are there any prerequisites?

Yes. All entering EMBA students are required to complete the EMBA Summer Workshop.

How much emphasis is placed on the undergraduate GPA?

The EMBA Admission Committee evaluates each section of the application carefully. At times, we may refer to your undergraduate coursework for evidence of previous academic achievement or demonstration of strong quantitative skills. The Admission Committee understands that most applicants have been out of school for some time; so therefore, we will place more emphasis on an applicant’s career progression and achievements. We will also consider any post-secondary education experience as well.

Is financial aid available?

There are a few primary sources of loans for Executive MBA students:

  • Federal Stafford Direct Loan
  • Graduate G-PLUS loans
  • Private MBA Tuition Loan
  • Veterans’ Affairs Education Benefits (depending upon eligibility)

For a list of private education loan and/or credit programs for students and their families visit www.washington.edu/students/osfa/gradaid/alt.loans.html.

Is there a difference in the degree received for the EMBA Program than from the other Foster School MBA Programs?

No. Your earned degree is the Master of Business Administration from the University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business.

Can I visit an EMBA class?

Definitely. We invite you to arrange for a class visit and have the opportunity to meet with current EMBA students and faculty. Weekly Cohort EMBA classes meet on alternating Friday and Saturdays. Monthly Cohort EMBA classes meet for 3-4 consecutive days per month (Wednesday or Thursday through Saturday). For more information, please call 206-685-1333 or toll-free at 1-888-622-3932.