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The benefits of the EMBA Program continue well past graduation. They can endure long into your career. Whether you earned your degree in 1985 or 2021, you have a common connection with fellow EMBA alumni – the shared experience. The EMBA experience was, and still is, filled with exemplary classmates, thought provoking discussion, a curriculum and faculty that pushed you to your limits at times, and above all – the study group. You already know the value of a great network. Whether it is work or social, it is often the company that you meet and keep that makes all the difference.

We want to help keep the network alive. The EMBA alumni network Web pages are designed to help you connect with the EMBA Program, your fellow alumni and your alma mater. Alumni are encouraged to participate in a number of exclusive events and activities tailored for EMBA graduates. The EMBA staff is committed to ensuring up-to-date information is available. You can learn about upcoming events, continuing education opportunities, career services and coaching and UW news.