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  • Business Connections – Not only is Seattle home to iconic global companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Microsoft, Boeing, and Costco, but it also attracts many tech companies outside of Seattle, like Google and Facebook, to establish their presence in Seattle to compete for talent. The region is also a hub for entrepreneurs and welcomes startup mindsets. According to Geekwire, Seattle is among the top 10 in their global startup ecosystem rankings. As part of the learning experience, students will gain access and connections to influential leaders.
  • Smaller Class Size –The smaller classes in the GEMBA program give students the opportunity to interact more with faculty and other leaders participating in the program. You will have an opportunity to study and network with seasoned global leaders who bring diverse experiences from various industries and regions of the world.
  • Higher International Class Representation – Whereas most U.S. MBA programs have about 30-40% international students, the UW GEMBA program has a much higher 80-90% representation which allows the students to share more diverse global experience, network, and business connections abroad. Whether you are from the U.S. or another country, learning from a diverse group of professionals with international experience elevates everyone’s learning.
  • Theme-based Global Immersion – In line with UW Foster’s Purpose Statement of “Together, we foster leaders, insights, and progress to better humanity,” the newly designed GEMBA curriculum incorporates a theme-based immersive learning on how we can better humanity. For 2023-2024 class, we will include learning around managing climate risks and opportunities. This will be integrated as a course offering as well as in a global immersion experience currently scheduled to be in London during spring 2024, where students will visit key organizations and learn from faculty.
  • Cross-Program Career Services – Offered jointly with EMBA, Technology MBA, and Hybrid MBA Programs our career services opportunities provide not only dedicated one-on-one support, but also mixing with other MBA program participants at UW to expand your professional network and business connections.
  • Support services are available for spouses and partners of the GEMBA students. The decision to pursue an MBA impacts the families just as much as the students, especially if you are moving to Seattle from another city or to the U.S from another country. The GEMBA staff helps not only the students but also their spouses/partners to get more quickly acclimated into their new home.
  • Read and watch stories from GEMBA alumni about their experience.

The program is ideal for mid-career professionals being cultivated to assume leadership roles in global organizations who are looking to enhance their career, contribute back to their organizations, or seek new professional opportunities. A desirable candidate should meet the following criteria:

The GMAT, GRE, or Executive Assessment are not required for admission consideration. However, applicants with scores may submit them as supplemental information.
All applicants must meet the University of Washington’s English Language Proficiency requirement. As outlined in the UW Graduate School Memo 8, we accept TOEFL, IELTS, and Duolingo. Minimum scores required for the GEMBA program are 92 TOEFL iBT; 7.0 IELTS; and 120 Duolingo.

If you do meet the minimum score(s), we encourage you to plan ahead to study for the test(s) well in advance (6-12 months) of applying to the program. Alternatively, if your tests score are below 92 TOEFL iBT; 7.0 IELTS; 120 Duolingo, then you can check to see the qualifying scores and enroll in appropriate UW Academic English Program. These are virtual quarter-long classes so you may need to register for Summer 2022, Autumn 2022, and/or Winter 2023 Quarter classes prior to the program start in June 2023.

Get more information on application requirements.

Tuition is $120,000 and includes all instruction, materials, and international immersion travel expenses (excluding flight). For completed applications received on or before October 1, 2022, $20,000 early application scholarship will be applied. You can find more details in the Fees and Financing Section.
You can find more details in the Fees and Financing Section. In addition to standard financing options, however, the GEMBA program is also offering a unique partial tuition waiver opportunity in our efforts to provide access to all students with financial needs, but to qualify, you must plan ahead. For completed applications received on or before October 1, 2022, a $20,000 early application scholarship will be applied. To qualify, applicant must submit completed application with all required documents, including English proficiency test scores no later than by Oct 1, 2022 and upon acceptance make $5,500 non-refundable deposit payment by enrollment deadline of December 23, 2022.
We offer individual career coaching, job search work teams, career change groups, career management workshops, and other programs. In addition, many networking and recruiting events are available. Foster MBA students can participate in MBA Treks, a curated trip to a single company or key metropolitan area.

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GEMBA is a full-time program where classes and teams meet during the day Monday-Friday, and therefore we recommend students to take corporate sabbatical for one year and focus on GEMBA studies.
Once we receive your completed application and all supporting materials, your application is reviewed by our Admissions Committee. Based on the committee’s initial assessment, select applicants will invited to the interview. Once the interview is completed, you will receive notification of your application status. For more information, please review our admissions page or attend an admissions event.
Yes, an interview is required. It will be arranged by GEMBA team upon completion of your application. Interviews will be conducted in person or virtually on Zoom. Get more application information.
As a student of the University of Washington, you will have access to university resources. Please see the student experience page for more information.