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MS in Entrepreneurship students come into the program with all kinds of ideas on what their business or products will be. Read on to see how these alumni took their ideas, or reimagined them, to create companies that make an impact.

Adeoluwa (Ade) Adeyemo

Adeoluwa (Ade) AdeyemoMSE ’20

Company: Joko Inc.

Industry: Digital Media & Entertainment

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Aaron Kennedy

Aaron KennedyMSE ’21

Company: Outway Inc

Industry: Software

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Alessya Visnjic

Alessya VisnjicMSE ’18

Company: WhyLabs

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

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Ryan Yousefian

Ryan YousefianMSE ’20

Company: ApnoMed

Industry: Medical Device

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Cara Castro

Cara CastroMSE ‘19

Company: Atomo Coffee

Industry: Food & Beverage

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Austin Hirsh

Austin HirshMSE ‘20

Company: The 2050 Company

Industry: Food & Beverage

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Keisha Credit

Keisha CreditMSE ‘18

Company: Lucke by Keisha

Industry: Fashion & Beauty

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Elaine Siu

Elaine SiuMSE ‘18

Company: Material Innovation Initiative

Industry: Alternative Materials

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