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General Information

The subject of marketing is concerned with the exchange process between individuals and organizations. The objective of the doctoral program is to gain an understanding of how this process develops and evolves. Also, research methods for improving the practice of marketing for the benefit of organizations and institutions, consumers, and society are investigated. Most doctoral students accept academic positions upon completion. In addition to recommended course work, students participate in research projects, either individually or jointly with faculty or fellow students, and write an original dissertation. Current faculty interests in marketing include theoretical and institutional aspects of (1) product policies, (2) managing advertising and other forms of promotion, (3) establishing and managing distribution systems, (4) pricing decisions, (5) strategic planning, (6) competitive analysis, (7) consumer decision making, (8) marketing research and data analysis, (9) marketing organizations, (10) international marketing, and (11) social and political issues.

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Admission Requirements

Applicants who plan to major in marketing must have completed an undergraduate degree. An MBA is not required and prior degrees need not be in business. An admission committee of faculty members reviews all completed applications. While the committee considers all relevant factors in its recommendations, important factors include past academic performance and GMAT scores. The GRE can be substituted for the GMAT but the GMAT is preferred. In some cases we may request a personal interview. Successful students have good communication skills, are intellectually curious, and self-motivated. Students must satisfy the university’s language proficiency requirements in order to qualify for a teaching assistantship.

Recommended Preparation Prior to Entry

Students entering the PhD Program as marketing majors should be comfortable with the basic concepts of calculus and linear algebra before they arrive on campus. It is strongly recommended that all new marketing majors carefully review this material during the summer before entering the program.

Marketing Area Faculty Coordinator

Prof. Oliver Rutz, Marketing Area Faculty Coordinator, would be glad to answer your questions. Contact him by phone (206-221-1856) or by email (

New PhD students majoring in marketing are initially advised by the Marketing Area Faculty Coordinator. Until the student’s supervisory committee has been established (usually by the end of the first year), the Marketing Area Faculty Coordinator assists the student in choosing appropriate courses, approves course of studies, and monitors the student’s progress.

At the end of each academic year, the Marketing Department faculty will provide every doctoral student with a formal evaluation of his or her progress in the program. At the start of the second year, the evaluation will be done by faculty members who supervised the student’s first year paper. At the start of the third year, the evaluation will be by the student’s supervisory committee and will be based on coursework, 1st & 2nd year papers, and participation in departmental seminars and workshops.

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