Executive MBA

The Executive MBA classroom is energized! Play the video above to hear how student insights and perspectives are brought together, resulting in improved understanding and conclusions. Find the full version here.

Not just for executives, the Foster Executive MBA Program also develops the highly experienced mid-to-senior manager and entrepreneur. The 21-month program provides a rigorous yet collaborative learning environment with professionals from a variety of industries. Classroom learning and interactions are immediately relevant – resulting in better decision making, improved managerial skills, and enhanced leadership abilities to solve real-world business and organizational challenges. Designed for individuals who want to continue working full time while earning their degree, the nationally-ranked Foster Executive MBA Program offers two schedule options.

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Program overview

Program duration: 21 months
International Immersion: 8-10 days
Schedule options: Weekly or monthly
Anticipated program fees: $100,500

Class profile

Average class size: 42
Class age range: 29-49 (middle 80%)
Experience range: 7 – 24 years (middle 80%)
Average professional experience: 15 years
Average management experience: 9 years

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