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Meet the 2019-2020 class of Fritzky Leadership Fellows

Each year, second-year MBA students are paired with first-year MBAs to provide peer coaching, team–related support, and more. Get to know this year’s class of Fellows by reading their bios below. Learn more about the Leadership Fellows Program here.

Chelsea BaumChelsea Baum
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Chelsea came to Foster with a background in Sales Operations & Management having spent the majority of her pre-MBA career at venture-backed start-ups in the education space. She loves tackling complex organizational problems and helping businesses grow in sustainable and innovative ways. Since joining Foster, she has sought out opportunities to learn about different leadership best practices at companies of all sizes and is spending the Summer at T-Mobile as a Leaders to Executives (L2E) intern within their retail organization. Chelsea is honored to have been selected as a Fellow and is looking forward to supporting the class of 2021 as her own experience with her Fellows truly helped define her own first-year experience.
Dale LiDale Li
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Dale grew up in Ottawa, Canada and holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Before coming to Foster, Dale worked in Product Development at Ford Motor Company in Detroit, Michigan, where he worked with teams from around the world to launch the Lincoln Aviator.
Dale is excited to give back to the Foster community while also developing his own leadership and mentoring skills as a Leadership Fellow. Dale is looking forward to connecting with the class of 2021 and supporting them through the unique and exciting MBA experience.
Dale is interning in Seattle at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager and is also the VP of Talent Development with the Foster Consulting Society and a Portfolio Manager with the Foster Research Partners Student Investment Fund. He is also a huge sports fan and will once again be running the Foster March Madness Bracket Challenge this year.
Garrett MedaughGarrett Medaugh
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Before coming to Foster, Garrett spent six years working in asset-based lending splitting time between Los Angeles and Seattle. His work included both business development and underwriting loans for small to medium-sized businesses.
Garrett is from a small town in Michigan where he worked at a pickle factory during summers in high-school (pro tip – do not eat mass-produced relish). He completed his undergrad at the University of Michigan with a B.A. in Sports Management. This summer, he is interning at Liberty Mutual in Seattle as part of their Corporate Development program.
He is excited to become a Leadership Fellow to give back to the Foster community and help his fellow students maintain a positive perspective during the challenges in the first year.
Haley SampsonHaley Sampson
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Before Foster, Haley owned an independent movie theater for which she raised $1M from over 500 investors and purchased a 15,000-square-foot commercial property which she built out into a bar/venue. She loves the process of building products that bring people joy. Hayley came to Foster to study finance and had her eyes on the Fritzky program even before day 1. She is beyond grateful to be a Fritzky Fellow.

Hayley likes to listen to people, strategize about retention rates at her e-commerce internship, and swim in large bodies of water, preferably with others. She CANNOT WAIT to meet the Class of 2021 and begin the Fritzky adventure!

Lisa DangLisa Dang
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Lisa, a Seattle native, holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting and International Business from the University of Washington. Prior to her MBA, she spent four years working as a performance improvement consultant implementing transformational changes through enterprise initiatives. She has had the opportunity to work across several industries and functions. Over the summer, Lisa is interning at Starbucks in Finance.

She is excited to join the Leadership Fellows program as she had an incredible experience with her Leadership Fellows and hopes to pass this forward to the incoming class. She also hopes to strengthen her leadership skills as a business and community leader. Lisa also serves as the Co-President of Foster’s Net Impact Club and as a Board Fellow for Imagine Housing. In her spare time, Lisa enjoys playing collaborative board games, trying new cooking recipes, and hiking in the pacific northwest.

Maggie PolachekMaggie Polachek
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Maggie grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area but went to Wellesley College outside of Boston and spent the majority of the past 6 years before business school living and working in Washington, D.C. Maggie’s background is in government and politics. She worked on Capitol Hill for Senator Richard Blumenthal, moved to Texas to work on Wendy Davis’ 2014 gubernatorial race, and most recently ran the CEO’s office at the Center for American Progress, an influential progressive organization in D.C. Over the summer, she is interning at Vulcan Inc.
Maggie is so excited to be a Leadership Fellow. She’s looking forward to working with the first years through the ups and the downs of the first-year program and is eager to hone her own leadership and coaching skills. She can’t wait to get to know the class of 2021 when they arrive on campus. In addition to serving as a Leadership Fellow, Maggie is the Co-President of Foster’s Business & Policy Group, a student organization dedicated to helping students understand the intersection between business and policy, politics, government, and regulation.
Nidhi AgarwalNidhi Agarwal
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After getting a dual degree in Economics and Finance, Nidhi spent 5 years working for Liberty Mutual Insurance in Boston – better known as Safeco here in Seattle. Nidhi was part of an Analytics Development Program where she had the opportunity to apply data analytics to various functions at the company, from product pricing, predictive sales modeling and finally her most recent role, in web analytics. Her experience in the analytics program allowed her to become proficient in data management and analytics. After 5 years at Liberty Mutual and in Boston, Nidhi was looking to broaden her horizons and transition from being in the weeds of analytics to big picture strategic thinking. Growing up around Philadelphia before moving to Boston, Nidhi was ready to experience a new coast and move out to the West Coast, both Foster and Seattle seemed like the perfect fit.
At Foster, Nidhi is a VP of Communications for the Consulting Society and a board member of the Leadership and Management Club. This summer Nidhi will be moving to Palo Alto and will be interning as a Product Operations Manager at Google.
Nidhi is excited to be a part of the Fritzky Fellows program and looks forward to being a resource for the first-years. Nidhi remembers how tough her first year was and wants to be seen as shoulder to lean on for her cohort. She also hopes to not only help others but learn more about herself as a leader and how to become a better leader once she leaves Foster.

Nora BrightNora Bright
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Nora grew up in Los Angeles and received my BA degree in English from Scripps College in Claremont. After graduation, she worked in the non-profit space and then later became a co-owner of her family business, an executive search firm. She oversaw the company’s day-to-day operations and marketing strategy, while also building her own division working with nonprofit organizations. Taking on a leadership position at a young age, she learned the importance of self-reflection and intentional leadership development. She also really enjoying mentoring the company’s junior employees—so becoming a Fritzky Fellow was a great fit.
This summer, Nora will intern at Indeed in Product Marketing where she will leverage her experience in recruiting and as a hiring manager. Next year, she will be Co-President of the Leadership & Management Society.
Patrick McMahonPatrick McMahon
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Patrick McMahon grew up in the mountains of Idaho in Sun Valley, a small ski town. He earned his undergraduate degree from Loyola University Chicago and has worked in the marketing and finance industries. Patrick worked for Fluke Inc, a subsidiary of Fortive, as an MBA Summer Intern working on product management and new product development work.
Patrick decided to become a Fritzky Leadership Fellow because the 2019 cohort of Fellows had a tremendous impact on his personal and professional development, and he hoped to continue that tradition for the class of 2021. In addition to his role as a Fritzky Leadership Fellow, Patrick is also the VP of Academic Affairs for the MBA Association and is a member of the Foster Research Partners student-led investment fund.
Sean KimSean Kim
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Prior to starting his MBA journey at Foster, Sean worked as a Corporate Planning & Strategy manager for a renowned Asian hotel/retail brand known as Lotte Group, managing an annual capital budget of $20M. Prior to his corporate role, he was a project development manager, working with a pre-opening task force of Lotte Group that overturned an abandoned property into a five-star resort through a $45M renovation. Leveraging his background, Sean spent the summer in the Finance Leadership Development Program (FLDP) at AT&T.
Born in Seoul, South Korea, Sean was primarily raised in Guam, a U.S territory in the Pacific known as “Where America’s Day Begins”. Sean says he learned the value of helping others during the gap years that he has previously had and is excited to be in a position to help others once again as a Fritzky fellow. He believes that there are things to be learned from everyone and looks to grow himself as a leader while helping others through various Fellow/first-year interactions
Sush DeodharSush Deodhar
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Prior to starting his MBA at Foster, Sushrut spent three years in an M&A/corporate development role at Genoa Healthcare, and two years in the investment management industry after graduating from the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University in 2013 with a double undergrad in math and business. Sushrut has lived in the Seattle area for the last six years, but grew up in Canada, Kenya, and India.
Sushrut is excited to support the class of 2021 as they pursue their goals and to convey the importance of the leadership component of their MBA. Having had the opportunity to work closely with senior leaders in his pre-MBA role, Sushrut experienced the value of good mentorship first-hand and hopes to serve as that resource for the incoming class while developing his own leadership skillset.
Sushrut is spending his summer at Starbucks working primarily on their delivery partnership with Uber Eats.

Toby AppsToby Apps
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Originally from Montana, Tobias graduated from the United States Military Academy and commissioned in the U.S. Army as an Engineer Officer. While he lived in a variety of domestic and international locations, he most recently served as the Deputy Area Engineer for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Honolulu, Hawai’i before coming to Foster. This summer he is interning in the Port of Seattle’s Aviation Finance and Budget Division.
Tobias is honored to serve as a Fritzky Leadership Fellow. He also considers the Leadership Fellows program as a critical component in his own development as a future business leader and hopes to provide an invaluable experience to the class of 2021. Outside of class, Tobias enjoys spending time running, backpacking, and searching for the best ramen in Seattle.
Tyler KingdonTyler Kingdon
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After spending over a decade in restaurant management, Tyler came to Foster for a new challenge and to reshape his career path. Coming into his first year, the Leadership Fellow program was a priority for him. He’s not ‘pivoting’ his career as much as he is completely starting over, and so he wants to be an ear for the incoming class to share their anxieties about internship search, team dynamics, and academic stress. Learning how to better coach people through various circumstances will not only help him become a better leader among his peers, but also down the line as a leader of teams within an organization. In addition to honing these skills, he was keen on joining a group of MBA students within Foster that seeks to lead with compassion, a learning-first mentality, and a sense of levity in an all-too-often stressful and serious environment. In only the few instances where this group of Leadership Fellows have spent together, he’s confident that he’s in the right place.
Zara MahmoodZara Mahmood
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Zara was born in Pakistan, but grew up moving abroad in Sri Lanka, China, and South Africa. Her global experience spurred a curiosity for understanding people and how different communication can be depending on the audience. She completed her undergraduate degree in advertising and marketing from Boston University before pursuing a career in the agency space. She started as a Digital Project Manager working for Hasbro brands and then pivoted to Media Planning for P&G brands. She hopes to take her creative and strategic background, and couple it with the holistic business perspective that Foster is providing, to pivot into marketing and brand strategy for a consumer-centric company.
She is spending the summer in LA as a Marketing Intern for Mattel. As for her second year, Zara will be acting as the SVP for FMA along with her involvement in the Fritzky program. As a leadership fellow, Zara hopes to provide first years with a safe space while also building meaningful relationships with their cohort.