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Business Language Resources

University of Washington students have the opportunity to enhance or develop foreign language skills by enrolling in a UW foreign language course, either during the academic year or in one of the summer intensive programs. There are over 40 languages offered at the University of Washington. For a complete list visit the UW Course Catalog.

Language Programs and Resources

Business Language Courses – The UW currently offers several Business Language courses, including SPAN 313 Business Communication in Spanish.

Language Diplomas – Language proficiency at the 3rd year university-level is a key component of the undergraduate Certificate of International Studies in Business (CISB) program, and many students exceed this minimum requirement. The Global Business Center works to support Foster School students in obtaining language certification through internationally recognized language exams. Contact [email protected] for more information regarding language diploma funding.

Overseas Intensive Summer Language Programs – If you are looking for an immersive language experience during the summer, please visit the UW Study Abroad Office Website and use their “Advanced Program Search” to find summer programs in your language of interest. If the language you want to study is not shown, please contact us and we can check with our extensive network to see if there are any programs offered. These programs may be open to students, faculty, staff, and the public. UW credit can be earned by contacting the appropriate UW language department. Set up an  with the GBC Study Abroad Advisers to find out more.

Business Language Grants for Faculty – The Global Business Center offers grants to support business language course or module development in current UW foreign language programs. These funds are available through US Department of Education grants.

Conversation Groups

Foreign Language Conversation groups are offered on- and off-campus to provide an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and the public to practice and use foreign languages.

You can contact the language departments directly via email by clicking the links below: