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Faculty Programs & Resources

Faculty programs focused on international business are an important part of the Global Business Center’s commitment to serving our community and, as the home of the UW Center for International Business Education and Research CIBER, we sponsor faculty development programs for both Foster faculty and regional educators. The GBC also partners with the 16 federally-funded CIBERs around the country to provide additional opportunities for faculty.

Study Abroad Leadership Opportunities

Available for: Foster faculty

All of the Foster School’s short term (less than one quarter) study abroad programs are led by a team of people. The faculty lead, staff lead, and the Global Business Center (GBC) staff all work together to ensure successful experiences for our students and the UW.
There are several pathways for Foster School faculty to lead a group overseas. Faculty can:

  • Teach an undergraduate core course on one of the GBC’s ‘Business Core Abroad’ programs, in Argentina during Winter Quarter and in Rome during Summer Quarter.
  • Propose an undergraduate Exploration Seminar. Exploration Seminars take place during Early Fall Start (late-August to mid-September).
  • Propose an MBA Study Tour. Study tours are typically 8 to 14 days and take place during mid-December, Spring Break, or between Spring and Summer quarters.
  • Coach a team of students competing in a global case competition.
  • Pitch a different idea or program to the Global Business Center.

Want to travel with students overseas? What is the process?

  • The first step is to express interest to the Global Business Center staff. For an undergraduate study abroad program or to coach a case competition team, please email Theresa Maloney. For an MBA study abroad program, please email Angela Shelley.
  • GBC staff will meet with you to discuss the type of program you would like to lead.
  • Undergraduate program faculty and program destinations will be considered first by a committee headed by Associate Dean Steve Sefcik in winter quarter (16 months in advance). Next, program proposals are submitted to the UW Study Abroad office during their proposal process (12 months in advance). GBC Staff can work with faculty to write and submit the proposals.
  • MBA Study Tour proposals are due Spring Quarter each year (12 months in advance).

Criteria for leading a group overseas

  • Foster School Faculty member
  • Previous overseas experiences, especially in the proposed region
  • Language skills if relevant
  • Teaching and service to the school, among other factors
  • For the ‘Business Core Abroad’ programs in Rome and Argentina:
  • Experience teaching in the undergraduate core
  • Depending on program needs and number of faculty interested, there may be a waiting period before a faculty member is able to teach in this program a 2nd time.

Undergraduate study abroad programs are considered off-load. Faculty are typically compensated a set amount. For Exploration Seminars, faculty members typically budget between .5 and 1.5 months of compensation. For the ‘Business Core Abroad’ programs, faculty members receive a fixed amount of $8,000 plus benefits.

MBA Study Tour programs offer a 2-credit course and are considered on-load.

Business Language Grants

Available for: UW faculty

In an effort to foster language skills for business purposes, the Global Business Center offers grants to support business language course or module development in current UW foreign language programs. These funds are available through US Department of Education grants.

Business language course or module development grants will support new business language course development, improvement of existing business language courses, or business-oriented modules to be used in an existing language course. Priority will be given to proposals for less-commonly taught languages, which include all foreign languages except French, German, and Spanish. Courses may be flexible in content such as independent study.

Email Jennifer Chen for details.

Congratulations to past grant recipients:

  • Chan Lu, Asian Languages and Literature Department, for developing a fourth year Chinese language and culture course focusing on Chinese for professional purposes
  • Izumi Matsuda-Kiami, Asian Languages and Literature Department for developing a fourth year Japanese language and culture course focusing on Japanese for professional purposes
  • Giuseppe Tassone, French and Italian Studies, for Italian Business Language course development
  • Taiping Chang, Asian Languages and Literature, for the completion of a Chinese Business Law textbook.

Northwest International Business Educators Network (NIBEN)

Available for: Educators and faculty in the Pacific Northwest (Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington)

The Northwest International Business Educators Network (NIBEN) is a consortium of international business educators in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Formed in 1991, NIBEN’s goals are to increase resource-sharing and provide faculty development opportunities for the region’s international business faculty. The network’s activities include an annual grant program for faculty development in international business education.

A Request for Proposals for annual curriculum development and travel grants is announced at the beginning of the calendar year to the NIBEN network.

NIBEN is administered by the Global Business Center, home of UW Center for International Business Research and Education (CIBER). CIBER is funded in part by the US Department of Education and the University of Washington Foster School of Business. Please contact Allie Lee or join the NIBEN email list for more information.

Visiting Scholar Program

Available for: International Faculty

Visiting Scholars at the Foster School of Business can pursue academic research on their own or with a Foster faculty partner – and enjoy the benefits of the University of Washington’s large urban campus in Seattle.

To be eligible to join the Foster School as a Visiting Scholar, you must:

  • Have a PhD and hold an academic appointment with an educational institution
  • Have an existing faculty connection that is willing to sponsor your time at the Foster School
  • Have financial support from your home institution, government agency or international organization and provide documentation of minimum financial resources
  • Have enough English proficiency to participate successfully in the program and to function on a day-to-day basis in the United States

The fee to be a Visiting Scholar at the Foster School is $5,350 USD for one calendar year, and covers the cost of visa documents for you, as well as special events for Visiting Scholars and program administration. A portion of the fee ($1,500) is due at the time of application. The remaining fee can be pro-rated for terms of less than one year if needed.

Visiting Scholars will be provided with J-1 visa documents, library and technology privileges, UW Net ID and email, certain UW benefits (such as low-cost bus pass and discounted gym membership) and limited assistance from the Global Business Center. Access to faculty is at their discretion and classes may be attended at their invitation only. The Foster School is not able to provide office space or computer equipment, but both are available in the libraries on campus. We will work with you on the application process, submitting of materials, obtaining visa paperwork, and planning for your visit.

The program fee does not include the SEVIS fee or mandatory health insurance. J-2 visa documents for family members and amendments to visa documents incur additional fees.

Please send questions or inquiries via email to [email protected], or by mail to:

Global Business Center – Visiting Scholar Program
Michael G. Foster School of Business
University of Washington
Box 353200
Seattle, WA 98195

Other Faculty Resources/Opportunities

Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB)
Faculty Development in International Business (FDIB) programs help faculty members and K-12 educators internationalize their teaching activities. The FDIB Directory provides a list of programs and events related to FDIB programs that are sponsored by the 15 CIBERs across the United States. FDIB programs are offered at both domestic and overseas locations.

Minority Business Global Case Study Series
The Minority Business Global Case Study Series is a series of cases focused on minority-owned businesses. It is the result of a collaboration between faculty from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs), the UW Consulting and Business Development Center, and the Global Business Center at UW’s Foster School of Business. These cases are available for free and cover the following topics:
• Greater China Industries
• The Commonwealth of the Bahamas and African-American Consumers
• Expanding Global Reach of Hardware and Software Solutions

UW Global Business Case Competition Case Writing
Interested in case writing? We’re always looking for faculty interested in writing international business cases for the Foster School of Business’s flagship international event, the Global Business Case Competition. Contact Caro Zeiher for further details.