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Throughout the year, the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy offers a number of events where members can learn about sales and marketing topics, stay informed on the cutting edge techniques, and network with other executive members and leading researchers. Whether it is a workshop on emerging marketing topics, the annual SalesMark Summit, or a one-on-one training session, center events provide a platform for both networking with and learning from the brightest minds in marketing.

Upcoming Events

Back to Basics: Using Customer Satisfaction to Drive Loyalty, Behavior, and Financial Outcomes

March 15th, 2018, 5:30pm – 9:30pm
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Annual SalesMark Summit

The Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy hosts an annual SalesMark Summit. Each year the SalesMark Summit features new keynote speakers that provide insight into the current marketing issues facing executives. Networking receptions throughout the conference provide opportunities to connect with other leading executives. Break out session foster group discussions and hands on learning. You can also learn about other programs offered through the center and sign up for upcoming events.


The Center for Sales and Market Strategy offers workshops that present material in a classroom type setting of 30-40 participants. Each workshop features a Executive MBA-style seminar where industry experts and/or academic researchers present the focal topic to participants introducing examples, addressing key theories, and illustrating how to apply the new techniques or topics to your firm’s current business problems.

Workshops vary each year based the current needs of our members and can provide a refresher on basic marketing principles, introduce cutting edge techniques, strengthen your marketing skills, and facilitate connections with other business professionals interested in similar topics or techniques.

How can attending a workshop benefit you and your firm?
Our workshops are designed as introductions to key marketing topics. At the end of the workshop, you should have a clear understanding of the topic, guidance for further learning, direction for how it can be applied to your firm, and an introduction to the techniques for implementing the strategy in your firm. Should you want to continue learning in a more hands on environment, there is a companion special interest group (SIG) that will help you turn the knowledge from the workshop into marketing actions at your firm (additional fees apply). Additionally, workshops allow you to:

  • Network with members in similar positions at different firms
  • Learn cutting edge marketing and sales technique
  • Reinforce your existing marketing and sales training
  • Connect with experts in your field

How can you participate in a workshop?
You can register for a workshop online through our online registration system. Space is limited and typically will sell out for each event so be sure to register early. Check the event calendar above for upcoming workshop dates.

Are there additional discounts for UW students or alumni?
Our prices are kept very close to the cost of hosting the event and for this reason, we do not offer any further discounts aside from the early bird pricing.

Who typically attends the events and networking?
Our events draw executives from a number of different levels in marketing ranging from C-level managers to CMOs of major corporations. Because all participants are facing a similar marketing challenge, the networking portion of the event can lead to particularly useful insights and connections.

Custom Training

Upon request, affiliated researchers from the Center for Sales and Marketing Strategy can provide short training sessions on specific industry topics in sales and marketing areas that are customized to fit your firm’s needs. The trainings are typically hosted on-site at your firm for a group of your employees. Topics include:

  • Choice modeling
  • Cluster analysis
  • Conjoint analysis
  • Customer engagement
  • Customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Key account management
  • Large data modeling
  • Loyalty program design
  • Relationship marketing
  • Segmentation, targeting, and positioning (STP)
  • Survey design

For more information, contact the Research Director, Robert Palmatier at [email protected].