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Global Faculty Fellows

Foster faculty lead influential research, ranking #1 among public universities and moving up 1 spot to rank #6 worldwide. For articles published in 50 top academic journals, Foster faculty were more productive per capita than their counterparts at UC Berkeley, Michigan, Northwestern, and Yale.

The Foster School’s Global Faculty Fellows regularly publish globally-focused business research in these top-tier journals.

agrawal-nidhi-dir.jpgNidhi Agrawal
Professor of Marketing
Michael G. Foster Endowed Professor
avolio-bruce-dir.jpgBruce Avolio
Professor of Management
Mark Pigott Chair in Business Strategic Leadership
Executive Director, Center for Leadership & Strategic ThinkingGlobal Research: Examining the Leadership of 10 India Healthcare Systems
Kevin BoehKevin K. Boeh
Associate Teaching Professor of Finance & Business Economics
chen-xiao-ping-dirXiao-Ping Chen
Professor of Management
Philip M. Condit Endowed Chair in Business Administration
Associate Dean for Faculty and Academic Affairs
fan-ming-dir.jpgMing Fan
Associate Professor of Information Systems
Crystal FarhCrystal Farh
Assistant Professor of Management
fehr-ryan-dir.jpgRyan Fehr
Assistant Professor of Management
Weili GeWeili Ge
Associate Professor of Accounting
Moss Adams Endowed Professor
glassman-debra-dir.jpgDebra Glassman
Senior Lecturer of Business Economics
gupta-abhinav-dirAbhinav Gupta
Assistant Professor of Strategic Management
Andrew HafenbrackAndrew Hafenbrack
Assistant Professor of Management & Organization
jain-apurva-dir.jpgApurva Jain
Associate Professor of Operations Management
Faculty Co-Director of the Master of Supply Chain Management Program
johnson-michael-dir.jpgMichael Johnson
Associate Professor of Management
The Boeing Company Endowed Professor in Business Management
koski-jennifer-dir.jpgJennifer Koski
Professor of Finance
Kirby L. Cramer Endowed Chair in Finance
Suresh KothaSuresh Kotha
Professor of Management
Chair of the Department of Management and Organization
Olesen/Battelle Excellence Chair in Entrepreneurship
Research Director of the Arthur W. Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship
Hamed MamaniHamed Mamani
Professor of Operations Management
Premera Endowed Professor
siegel-stephan-dir.jpgStephan Siegel
Professor of Finance & Business Economics
Michael G. Foster Endowed Professor
Kevin SteensmaKevin Steensma
Professor of Management
Michael G. Foster Endowed Professor
Yong TanYong Tan
Professor of Information Systems
Michael G. Foster Endowed Professor of Information Systems
David TanDavid Tan
Associate Professor of Management
Michael G. Foster Endowed Fellow
Elijah WeeElijah Wee
Assistant Professor of Management
Yong-Pin ZhouYong-Pin Zhou
Professor of Operations Management
Evert McCabe Faculty Fellow