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The Product Management Center

In January 2024, the Product Management Center ceased regular operations.

Over our three-year history, we have:

  • Built an inclusive community of 11,000+ people across the United States
  • Empowered 287 aspiring product managers from historically marginalized communities
  • Provided over 300 product manager volunteers a channel to give back to the next generation
  • Convened over 1000 product managers across three Inclusive Product Management Summits to learn about leading inclusive teams and building inclusive products
  • Highlighted diverse product managers across 100 episodes of the How to Succeed in Product Management Podcast and shared knowledge broadly across over 200,000 downloads

We sincerely appreciate the time of our many volunteers and partners who have joined with us to create a more inclusive future.

The Foster School of Business remains dedicated to inclusivity across all sectors of business.