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The Product Management Center

The mission of The Product Management Center is to:

  • Foster a community among product management practitioners, interdisciplinary faculty, and University of Washington students.
  • Generate and widely disseminate ideas that can help successfully launch products and careers.
  • Promote and encourage diversity in the product management community.

Whether you are an experienced or aspiring product management professional, you are welcome in The Product Management Center community. Founded by Jeff Shulman in early 2021, The Product Management Center is a global hub for knowledge, community, and impact. Everyone is welcome at “Foster the Product” events and the upcoming Inclusive Product Management Summit. You can also join the UW Foster the Product LinkedIn group.

Affiliated Faculty

Faculty from multiple departments at the University of Washington produce cutting edge research that can be applied in product management. Click here to meet the faculty affiliated with The Product Management Center.

Founding Advisory Board

The Product Management Center was founded with the valuable guidance from a diverse group of product leaders. Meet the practitioners who helped launch The Product Management Center.

collage image of faces of product management founding advisory board members

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