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Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Programs

Watch the video above to learn more about Creating a Company, a course offered by the Buerk Center.

Seattle has the 2nd hottest start-up scene in the nation. Want to be a part of it? You can put your passion for entrepreneurship in action with the Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship.


Entrepreneurship Major (for students admitted to the Foster School)

An entrepreneur is a person who sees an opportunity—and acts upon it. Entrepreneurs are leaders who are creative, innovative, ambitious, driven, dynamic, and energetic. The Entrepreneurship Option prepares students for an entrepreneurial career by offering a combination of coursework and practical experience. The required coursework establishes a foundation in entrepreneurship, including the necessary tools in marketing and finance. The choices for electives allow students to dive deeper into their areas of interest and network with successful entrepreneurs and create a company. Students may further enhance their experience through participation in the Hollomon Health Innovation Challenge, the Alaska Airlines Environmental Innovation Challenge, or the Dempsey Startup Competition. Watch this video to learn more about the elective Creating a Company class, check out other entrepreneurship classes available to entrepreneurship option students, and read more about the entrepreneurship option requirements.

Entrepreneurship Minor (for non-business majors)

Some people are just born to change the world. They see opportunities everywhere—from the daily annoyances to the grand challenges that face our society. But we can tell you that it takes more than a great idea. It takes the savvy skill set, knowledge, and energy of an entrepreneur. If you’re a visionary with the passion and determination to shape the future, get the business know-how with the Foster School’s competitive Entrepreneurship Minor for undergraduates. Watch this video to learn more about the minor’s cornerstone Creating a Company class, check out other entrepreneurship classes available to minor students, and read more about the entrepreneurship minor requirements. Applications accepted in Fall, Winter and Spring quarters.

Lavin Entrepreneurship Program

Do you dream of creating your own startup? Aspire to launch a business, disrupt a market or change the world with your big idea? Would you stay up all night designing a logo, reworking a product, or filling a customer order—if the business were your own?

If so, you need to be part of the Lavin Entrepreneurship Program! The Lavin Program is a highly-competitive program for undergraduate entrepreneurs from all majors and disciplines across campus. Only the brightest, most passionate, and driven students are accepted into the program each year. By combining curriculum with hands-on learning, the UW Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship gives Lavin students the experience, skills, and know-how to succeed in their future business ventures.

Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Classes

The UW Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship offers you numerous opportunities to learn step-by-step the process of launching a new venture. Not only are there classes to introduce you to the landscape of entrepreneurship and the method of writing a business plan, but through our cornerstone Creating a Company coursework, you’ll apply your new-found knowledge of entrepreneurship in a real-world context! Learn about all the entrepreneurship courses.