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Global Business Program Certificate

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Recording of October 12 GBPC Information Session

The Global Business Certificate is an academic MBA certificate option that consists of several international activities and opportunities, serving as evidence of a student’s preparation for and commitment to global business. To future employers, the Global Business Certificate is an important signal of MBA student’s interest in working as a global manager.

Completion of the certificate requires forward planning. We recommend working with the MBA Program Office and the Global Business Center to ensure your success. Email [email protected] to set up an advising appointment.

To earn a Global Business Certificate, the following four requirements must be completed:

  1. Be a current, matriculated MBA student in the Michael G. Foster School of Business
  2. Community Networking & Resources
    • Full-time students: enrollment for credit in IBUS 579, Global Business Forum, during three academic quarters
    • Evening students: enrollment for credit in IBUS 579, Global Business Forum, during two academic quarters
  3. International Experience – Choose one of the following two options
  4. Option one – Participate in an MBA Exchange Program for one academic quarter

    Option two – Satisfy two of the following seven activities:

    • Foreign Language Study (one of these four):
      • Summer intensive language program (completed after MBA admittance)
      • Three quarters of academic foreign language (completed after MBA admittance)
      • Foreign language placement test at 300 level or better
      • Have been educated through junior high school in a language other than English
    • Global Business Short-Term Study Abroad program
    • MBA Practicum Experience (one of these three):
      • Globally-focused internship
      • Two 2-credit or one 4-credit globally-focused independent study
      • Completion of a Field Study or Applied Strategy project
    • Prior Work Experience – have at least 3 years work experience in a country other than your home country.
    • Globally-focused Case Competitions:
      • Masters Track of the Russell Investments International Case Competition (RIICC) – Fall Quarter
      • Other competition subject to approval by the GBC
    • Globally focused community service project subject to approval by the GBC
  5. Curriculum – complete both:
    • MGMT 509 (Advanced Elective: Managing in a Global Environment)
    • Additional International Electives (8 credits)
      • Required for both Full-time and Evening MBA students. These courses can be taken from the Foster School of Business, UW Graduate Department, or at an approved exchange partner institution. Independent study may also count, subject to approval by the GBC and MBA program office.

Only current MBA students are eligible for the Global Business Program Certificate. Individuals outside of the Foster School of Business may be eligible for the Executive Development Program certificate offered through Executive Education.