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First Principles of Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the pursuit of solutions to four fundamental marketing problems:

  • all customers differ
  • all customers change
  • all competitors react
  • all resources are limited

Structured around these four First Principles of Marketing Strategy, this important new textbook offers a unique and extensively classroom-tested approach to marketing strategy. It provides a structured framework to develop effective strategies to deal with diverse marketing problems while integrating data-analytics into the decision making process.

Supporting Materials

We have provided a complete Instructor’s Manual outlining all the support materials as well as detailed information on how to use the book to construct a marketing management/strategy classes (undergraduate and MBA versions), as well as marketing analytics class (undergraduate and MBA versions).

Sample Undergraduate Syllabi
Marketing Analytics
Marketing Strategy
The book comes accompanied with over 500 slides with built in animation, numerous examples, and comprehensive instructor notes. On the bottom of each slide is a detailed discussion of the purpose, research support, and examples supporting the slide (i.e., in notes section). These slides have been developed by the authors over the past decade and these classes have won numerous awards at undergraduate, MS, MBA and, EMBA levels

Marketing Strategy Chapter 1
Marketing Strategy Chapter 2
Marketing Strategy Chapter 3
Marketing Strategy Chapter 4
Marketing Strategy Chapter 5
Marketing Strategy Chapter 6
Marketing Strategy Chapter 7
Marketing Strategy Chapter 8
Marketing Strategy Chapter 9

Marketing Strategy Research Toolbox

The book contains four broad empirical cases included in the book text. There is a large case for each First Principle to demonstrate the approach and key analysis techniques. Data sets and step-by-step solution guides are available on the website. Video solutions of each case are also available. Teaching notes and solution guides are available for all cases not included in book.

DentMax Case Dataset (case included in book)
TKL Case Dataset (case included in book)
EINC Case Dataset (case included in book)
BRT Case Dataset (case included in book)
Smartwatch Case Dataset
Smartwatch Case
AirBnB Case Dataset – Traveler
AirBnB Case Dataset – Host
AirBnB Case
MobilMax Inc Case (data included in course)

Comprehensive tests with both multiple choice and short answer questions are available for each chapter. Email author at [email protected].