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Fostering Opportunities with Businesses

Seattle business community leaders


Diverse small businesses continue to be the catalyst for economic growth.  Research shows that   businesses owned by people of color  have added 4 million jobs over the last 15 years, while their counterparts have lost 1.4 million jobs in the same time period.  Even with the impressive growth, people of color-owned  businesses are more likely to have lower profitability and cash liquidity than their counterparts. Now with COVID-19, these businesses  have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic due to their higher concentration in the service industry and ongoing institutional barriers and impediments.  Economic empowerment for small businesses is now more important than ever because diverse small businesses are critical to US recovery. This  is why this has been the focus of the Center for the last 25 years.


With Your Help

We will provide assistance to the small business community by planning to:

  • Double the annual number of businesses reached by our student consultant from 400 to 800
  • Build tailored COVID-19 recovery programs that allow small businesses to 
  • re-hire some of the workers that they laid off during March-May 2020 
  • return to profitability or increase profitability  
  • adopt new technology to become more resilient 
  • develop new revenue streams and customers 
  • create business continuity plans 

Your help allows us to reach these goals.