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Shawn Quan

Ph.D. Student

Academic Department: Management & Organization

Area of Specialization: Management


MS, Arizona State University (2015)

Research Interests

My research interests are on social class identity, chronic debt, positive organizational emotions, and animal-work interface. Specifically, I employ multi-method techniques including lab experiments, field studies, archival data analysis, and surveys to explore:
(a) The impact of social class in the workplace, especially the experience of social class transitioners
(b) The potential positive intervention that organizations, managers, and employees use to create a work environment that allows for individuals to thrive

Faculty Collaborators

Kira Schabram, Ryan Fehr

Working Papers

Quan, X. S*., Volpone, S. D., & Lyons, B. J. (data collection). Social class transition and social integration: the moderating role of identity management strategies on work outcomes. Target: Academy of Management Journal
Quan, X. S.,* Schabram, K., Fehr, R., Barnes, C. (data collection). Workplace suffering, Self- and Other- compassion, and Work Engagement. Target: Academy of Management Journal
Quan, X. S.*, Fehr, R. (piloting). Social class, debt, and the work-family interface. Target: Journal of Applied Psychology
Lam, C., *Quan, X. S.,* Schabram, K., Yam, KC. (lit review). Review: Human and animal relationship at work. Target: Journal of Management